Turkish Army Vehicles

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Military service in Turkey is compulsory for all male citizens between 20 and 41 years of age. One of the reasons is its location. It is surrounded by the Caucasus, Middle East and the Balkans, which are some of the most unstable regions in the world. To protect its independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, Turkey needs some stringent defense policies. Modern Turkey Army Vehicles fortify the Turkish army’s strength. Leopard 2A4 and M60T are presently the main battle tanks of the Turkish army. Apart from them, there are 400 Leopard 1 and over 700 M60 Pattons in service.

Improving Current Technical Abilities by Turkey Army Vehicles

In order to improve the technical capabilities of the defense forces, Turkey is planning a battle tank under the National Tank Production Project also called MITUP. This tank is nicknamed Altay by the Defense Industries under secretariat. Turkey plans to produce 1,000 new Altay in four separate batches of 250 units each. Turkish firm Otokar will be manufacturing them. The firm intends to share some systems that are used in K2 Black Panther, which is the main battle tank of South Korea.

Other Turkey Army Vehicles

Along with the above mentioned tanks, Turkey has Cobra, which is a light armored vehicle manufactured by Otokar. Otokar unveiled two variants of Cobra in June 2008 –

  • Cobra 20mm cannon carrier – these are armed with Nexter Systems 20mm M621 cannon weapon.
  • A vehicle containing RCWS or Cobra remote controlled weapon station.

Cobra Turkey Army Vehicles have various other uses. They can be used as anti-tank vehicle, inspection vehicles, ground inspection radar vehicles, and armored ambulance.
Additionally, Turkey Army Vehicles also comprise of more than 2,500 M48 Pattons, which were upgraded with 105mm M68 guns.

Recent Upgrades of Turkey Army Vehicles

In Novenber 2008, Germany and Turkey agreed that the Turkish armed forces will purchase 36 bridge laying armored army vehicles of LEGUAN type that are based on LEOPARD 1. Last year in 2009, BMC won a contract to supply 1,859 various kinds of military vehicles to Turkish army. The deal is close to 300m Euros. The order includes Mine Resistant Ambush Protected trucks and 10 ton Tactical Wheeled trucks.

Overall, Turkish army is well equipped, but it retains a large number of old vehicles also.

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