Luck Of The Irish Tattoo

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Stylish Luck Of The Irish Tattoo

The Irish have several symbols that denote good fortune in their culture. The shamrock and leprechaun are two such symbols. They are commonly known as signs depicting the luck of the Irish. Thus, having a luck of the Irish tattoo as part of your body art is a fortunate symbol and believed to bring you much good luck.

A shamrock is a three leaf clover that is indigenous to the Irish isles. Ancient Celts, whose culture and heritage are a source of great pride to the Irish, were nature worshippers before the advent of Christianity. The shamrock plant grows widely across the countryside of Ireland and was regarded as a source of good luck by Druids. The shamrock leaf was used by St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity when he evangelized to the Irish in an effort to convert them to the Christian faith. The shamrock epitomizes good fortune and the most favored luck of the Irish tattoo is a small, green colored three leaf clover.

Another luck of the Irish tattoo that is well liked by tattoo enthusiasts as a symbol of wealth and good fortune is the leprechaun. The leprechaun is known in Irish mythology as a bringer of wealth. A leprechaun tattoo is often accompanied by a rainbow. In Irish legends, the leprechauns keep a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and if you’re lucky enough to find one, he will lead you right to his treasure, riding atop the rainbow!

Fortunate Irish Tattoo

A luck of the Irish tattoo is a fortunate symbol to ink on your skin. Many people believe that you will be favored by Lady Luck who’ll shower her abundant blessings on you if you display these indelible signs on your body. You can double your luck by imprinting both the Irish shamrock and the leprechaun on yourself!

If you are looking for more fortunate circumstances in your life, then having a luck of the Irish tattoo on your arm might just do the trick. You can choose between the lucky shamrock or the leprechaun tattoo. Double your chances at being lucky with both tattoos!

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