Turkish Bayonet

Want to buy a Turkish Bayonet? Read on for facts and info on the different kinds of Turkish bayonets used by the Turks over the passage of time…

The Turks were known to be exceptional fighters with the bayonet. Even today, individuals being trained to use the bayonet are given examples of Turkish soldiers that had their own technique of making use of the weapon.

The Turks also had a wide range of bayonets that were used along with different weapons. The purpose of the bayonet was to serve as a last resort weapon in close range man to man combat. It was necessary to have a bayonet mounted on every rifle that was going to be used in battle.

Some famous Turkish bayonets are mentioned below:

Mauser M-35 Turkey

The Mauser rifle is perhaps the most popular rifle ever to be used by the Turks. This rifle was developed in Turkey but was later modified to international standards. It had a special lightweight bayonet that would be mounted upon its deck. Today you will be able to get your hands on the Mauser M-35 bayonet for about $25.

WW1 Turkish Erzats Bayonet

As is obvious from the title this bayonet was used alongside the Erzats rifle in WWI. However, the Turks discontinued using this bayonet after WWI because of some technical issues. The unique construction of the Erzats bayonet makes it a highly sought after one for collectors. It is available in the market for about forty- two dollars.

Turkish Model 1890 Bayonet

This is another all time classic bayonet from the Turkish collection. This bayonet was originally developed for the 1890 rifle but was later modified to the M-35 pattern that had versatile uses. You will be able to find the 1890 Turkish bayonet for about 55 dollars.

Turkish M-35 German Model bayonet

At the time of WWI, the Turks modified their weapons to match the standards of performance set by German Imperial weapons. Since the rifles were being modified, the bayonets that were meant to be affixed atop these rifles also had to go through some changes. This M-35 bayonet for the German model had a 1898 style blade. You will be able to find it in good condition for about 55 dollars.

Turkish G3 Export bayonet

This particular bayonet comes along with a plastic scabbard. However, it does not have a frog carrier. The blade is extremely sharp and of very good quality. This one is not being sold for any less than seventy- five dollars.

Turkish Bayonet Technique

As mentioned above, the Turks were extremely skilled at using the bayonet. They would drive the bayonet into the abdomen of the opponent and then whirl around while striking it down hard from the top of the rifle using their left hand. This totally disemboweled the enemy who was left helpless to perish.

It is because of this particular skill that the enemies of the Turks used to say that you can never trap a Turkish solider. This is because their exceptional skills in close range combat, using the bayonet allowed them to get out of the toughest of situations in battles where they had been surrounded.

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