Cool Irish Gifts

Interested in buying cool Irish gifts? Find out what cool gift items the vast collection of Irish merchandise has to offer…

It is always cool to receive a gift that is associated with a country other than yours. In this regards the collection of Irish gifts has some very cool merchandise that makes excellent gifts.

If you are looking for a cool and patriotic gift for kids then the kids “Love Ireland” hooded sweatshirt is one exciting choice to go for. The sweatshirt has a hood giving it a nice appeal with the words “Love Ireland” creatively composed in the center. Another popular T-shirt that makes a cool gift is the “Caution Leprechauns Crossing” theme. This is a black T-shirt with a yellow sign board featuring a silhouette of a Leprechaun and the words written bellow.

Another creative item is the Irish green and tan shamrock snap purse. Painted in traditional Irish colors with the trademark shamrock symbol this is a special gift item for the ladies. It is made using fine quality leather yet it is available under the $35 mark. The Rhodium plated Claddagh bangle is another cool gift item from Ireland. This would definitely hit the mark with people of non-Irish origins as it is not only brilliant in terms of its appearance but it also has a symbolic meaning. The Claddagh symbol features two hands holding a crowned heart. The symbol is suggestive of love, friendship and loyalty. The symbol has been creatively molded into the form of a bangle making it a unique Irish oriented gift.

For people living in Ireland the “I love Ireland” T shirt is another cool gift item. The T shirt is available for kids as well as adults and is a cool way of showing your appreciation for your home country. You will be able to find the I love Ireland T shirt in many different colors as well.

Another creative T shirt for people of Irish nationality is the 100% Irish theme. The two zeros of the hundred are actually shamrocks making it a very creative way to show your patriotism. The traditional Irish patch cap is also one of the most sought after items by locals and foreigners alike. The caps have a trademark Irish look which looks good no matter which country you live in. These creative T shirts and caps are cost effective solutions when looking for cool gifts for someone special.

If you are looking to spend a little bit more then you might want to check out some unique Irish jewelry items. Celtic jewelry is renowned the world over for its unique looks and innate symbolism that it carries. True Celtic jewelry is hand crafted in Dublin showcasing meticulous craftsmanship.

If you don’t want to spend too much then don’t go for gold or platinum. Rather you can go for sterling silver and gold plated jewelry which will be far more cost effective. The gold plated crystal set trinity necklace and the enamel Celtic pendant are some of the options that you can go for. These are available between fifty to sixty dollars which makes them relatively affordable cool Irish gift items.

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