Turkish Beaded Necklaces

Looking for Turkish beaded necklaces? Want to know about all the different types of beaded necklaces available? Read our guide for more information about choosing the right beaded necklace for you …

Turkish beaded necklaces are sold online at CafeAnatolia.com with a retail price of $6.99. These beaded necklaces display polished glass beads which hang on a silver plated necklace. The necklace fastens around the neck with silver clasps. They come in a variety of colors namely sage green, ice white and turquoise.

Handmade Turkish beaded necklaces are available as chokers as well. These fashionable styles have rows of beads hanging vertically on the neck. They are available in periwinkle and red colors for a retail price of $7.99 each.

Turkish beaded necklaces are gorgeous and go well with many different fashions. These stylish necklaces are a hit among chic and trendy women who like fancy accoutrements to match their outfits. The low prices make beaded necklaces very affordable to a wide clientele of ladies looking for fine costume jewelry.

Gold has also been widely used to craft Turkish beaded necklaces. The beads are made from glass and hang delicately on a 14 carat yellow gold necklace. The exquisite design of beaded necklaces in gold make them ideal gifts for loved ones and friends. Contemporary beaded necklaces are versatile pieces of jewelry that can be worn during the day and also for elegant evening functions.

Turkish beaded necklaces are also available in sterling silver with clear quartz as the beads. Some of the most beautiful beaded necklaces are handmade by individual craftsmen using a multitude of beads and crystals. Lace crochet work beaded necklaces are elaborate and stunning especially when decorated with a single tear shaped crystal. Gold plated lobster claw clasps complete the striking ensemble.

Turkish Evil Eye Beads

Turkish evil eye beads are said to ward off the ill effects of harmful energies. They protect the wearer from the evil eye of jealous enemies and covetous friends as well as the negative thoughts of strangers. The evil eye bead is worn as necklaces or bracelets and consists of a blue glass with a central dark dot on a white background. It is called the ‘Blue Glass Nazar Boncugu’ and authentic evil eye beads hail from Anatolia.

Turkish beaded necklaces are attractive jewelry in gold and silver with glass, crystal or quartz beads. They are available online and are fashionable and stylish accessories for modern dress.

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