Capital of Austria

Want to know about the capital of Austria? Find out the importance of the city of Vienna along with the history and culture of the most sought after Austrian city.

Located in the extreme east of Austria is its capital city known as Vienna. The city of life is marked by the flowing of the River Danube that slices off its northern region. The famous Wachau Valley has been formed due to this very reason in the boundaries of Vienna. The Vienna woods are the other striking element of the city which is locally known as the Wiener Wald.

As far as the weather conditions of Vienna are concerned it is pretty much like the rest of the main European continent. The weather of Vienna is predominantly dry with a constant blowing of chilly yet pleasant winds. Summers are warm which makes them enjoyable as the sun glares down upon the city in full bloom.

Vienna is a multicultural city. It was during the industrial era that the region saw a host of immigrants storming in to capitalize on the developments. The history of Vienna dates back to 500 BC which is when it was first discovered and existed as a small Celtic colony. It became the Roman city of Vindobona by the 15th century. It was a significant center for the Roman Empire.

Vienna started evolving into the stature that it holds today by the middle of the 15th century. During this time Vienna became the capital of the Roman Empire. It was the center for scientific debates, arts and music. After the battle of Vienna the Ottomans had their influence on the region. As time passed on Vienna became the capital of the Austrian Empire, then the Austro-Hungarian Empire and today it is the capital city of the Austrian Republic.

Life in Vienna

Business, industry, government and public services are the main areas of employment for the people of Vienna. These are the major departments responsible for generating the bulk of the revenue for Vienna. The city of Vienna is famous for possessing many theatres but all of them come under government rule. Tourism is a flourishing industry in Vienna. The city is also a fine producer of metal products, machinery, chemicals, electrical equipment, printed materials, garments and textiles.

The city of Vienna is where the government of the country is seated. The capital city is also a Federal Province which further raises its importance. The City Mayor and his City Council are responsible for the administration of the city’s affairs.

Since Vienna is an extremely sought after city the Austrians have done well to develop excellent transportation systems in and around the region. The International airport serves around eighty airline companies flying to and from all parts of the globe. The city also has an excellent rail service that connects you with all the important places. Because Austria is landlocked there are no sea routes to and from Vienna.

The capital of Austria is also the capital of Austrian literature, art and culture. It offers a unique experience to visitors as it is a place where many different cultures have fused together to form a new multicultural society.

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