Breckenridge Colorado Music Scene

Breckenridge Colorado provides visitors with numerous opportunities to take part in musical experiences they are sure to remember. From the well-known Breckenridge Music Festival to performances by local bands, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy…

Breckenridge is a quaint old mining town located in Summit County Colorado.  Tourists from all states and countries are attracted her in order to enjoy the town’s ski slopes in the winter and warm-weather outdoor activities in the summer.

Breckenridge Music Calendars

Since this lovely town has so much going on with its music scene, it can be hard to find out what is going on.  You may elect to look at several different sources on the internet in order to find an event that will suit your fancy.  Starting with looking at the town’s promotional website is advisable. provides you with information about musical happenings as well as nightlife, lodging, and dining.  There is an event calendar that will tell you when larger festival-type events and concerts are being held.  Every year, the Breckenridge Music Festival, featuring the Breckenridge Music Festival Orchestra, hosts numerous events in the town.   The website for the Breckenridge Music Festival,, has a detailed calendar to give  you information on concerts associated with the festival.  We will talk more about this in a little bit.  Many of the smaller venues that host live music and add diversity to the Breckenridge Music Scene have their own websites where you can view their calendars.  Most do not list on the site.  Some sites to check out include,, and

Breckenridge Music Concerts

The single event that really stands out in the Breckenridge music scene is without a doubt the Breckenridge Music Festival.  The festival presents a wide range of concerts throughout the summer and winter months.   Classical music concerts performed by the Breckenridge Music Festival Orchestra are heavily featured.  Concerts showcasing a variety of other genres such as country, blues, jazz, and reggae are also performed and heavily attended.

Breckenridge Music Venues

There are several popular music venues in Breckenridge. The largest being the Riverwalk Performing Arts Center in Breckenridge.  Originally, this was an outdoor, amphitheatre type performance space.  It has since undergone renovations and has a roof and glass walls.  Access to the outside for seating is also available allowing the venue to hold up to 2,000 spectators. If listening to jazz is your cup of tea, check out the classy Blue River Bistro. Here you will find live music every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening during the summer and winter months.  During the spring and summer months performances are held on Friday and Saturday nights only.  Three20South is the place to go for live music with genres so diverse that you may hear bluegrass one night and hip hop the next.  If you would prefer to hear music being pumped out by a DJ versus listening to live music, Celia’s Martini Bar is a popular spot.

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