Turkish Cherry Pie

Want to learn the Turkish cherry pie recipe? Read on to discover how to make your own traditional Turkish style cherry pie…

The Turkish cherry pie is an all-time classic confectionary item that is now available in bakeries all across the world. The cherry pie is a treat for the cook as well as the consumers. It is made using fresh cherries collected from the back alley. However, an amateur cook will not be able to get the perfect Turkish cherry pie in the first attempt. Nonetheless, it is definitely worth a shot.

You will need a 9- inch pie pan in order to get started with this recipe. You will also require two pie crusts in which to make the cherry pie. Also parts of the ingredients are about 4/10 of fresh sour cherries, quick cooking tapioca, sugar, almond extract and butter. In case you cannot find cooking tapioca you can make do with cornstarch instead.

Start out by adding tapioca or cornstarch in a bowl along with the cherries. Let these ingredients be for about a quarter of an hour. On the side place one of the pie crusts on the bottom of your pie pan. Next you will add the almond extract and sugar to the cherry mixture. Some people prefer to use kirsh instead, but both techniques will produce an equally authentic Turkish cherry pie. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and put the prepaid cherry mixture into the pie crust.

Next you need to take the butter and cut it up into small pieces. Now place small dots of butter on the cherries. Following this you need to place the second pie crust on top of the pan so as to cover the cherry mixture. This is the basic composition of the Turkish cherry pie. However, you can create a lattice top or any other fancy design that can provide a decent vent on the cover crust. This will greatly add to the physical appearance of the Turkish cherry pie. Most of the commercially available Turkish cherry pies feature elaborate designs on their top surface. Another technique that can be utilized to ensure the proper baking of your Turkish cherry pie is to create a shield using aluminum foil. This will help you to get the easily burned edge that is much appreciated at the crust.

As you make the above-mentioned preparations you should have your oven heated at 450 degrees. Once the pie pan is ready with the ingredients insert it into the oven and bake at 450 for about 10 minutes. Following this, reduce the temperature to 350 and continue baking for another 14 minutes. You should expect the cherries to set up as the pie cools down. However, you need to make sure that you continue to bake until you find the filling to be clear.

There are many regional variations in the Turkish cherry pie recipe that you can explore, once your hand sets upon the basic recipe. You can also experiment with pies of different sizes to suit your requirements. In case you are unable to find fresh cherries in your back alley you can always go for canned cherries that are commonly available in the market.

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