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Scott Lambert is considered one of the most popular base players in California. The Long Beach jazz musician is famous in the blues community. Born and brought up in Long Beach, the guitarist got his first strings in 1957. This was followed by a Fender jazz electric bass guitar in 1969. It is still utilized regularly in concerts. However, since 1994 musician Scott Lambert from Long Beach California has picked up the late 40s Kay S nine upright bass guitar.

Influences on Scott Lambert From Long Beach Ca

He is highly influenced by Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Paul Butterfield and the Grateful Dead. You can also see influences of Little Richard, Howling Wolf, Rex Silver as well as the entire Chicago Blues scene and community.

Over the years Scott Lambert has performed with a myriad of SoCal bands. Every style of music has been attributed to his name and he supports many band leaders today.

These include Fred Chia Fred Chel, White Boy – James, Max Bangwell, and Job Striles. He’s currently working with Ricky Parrish, Jr. Watson, J.T. Ross, Jay Summers, Darrin Stout, Victor Voce, Bob Crail, and of course Tupelo Blue. The musician has played the Long Beach Cafés happy hour spot on every Saturday throughout 1994 all the way to 2006.

Perhaps the most important and notable association of Scott Lambert is with the Tupelo Blues Band. It was formed in middle of 1994 and started playing at the South Bay venues. They had a typical Chicago style blues music, and this took on flavorings of rock and jazz as it evolved in Southern California. After two years of hibernation a CD lineup came up. Many beach concerts were organized by the band in 2006.

From this point onwards the group has played in different areas in Orange County and Los Angeles which include top venues like Original Mike’s, Fender Avenue Bar & Grill and Belmont Station. The CD sales have made them quite a fortune and the sales have since 1999 garnered them a good profit. The CD is a singular release and was distributed throughout Canada and United States. Following this their music received airtime on European and North American stations.

Tupelo Blues and Scott Lambert in Long Beach California

Scott Lambert is also known for mentoring many popular present-day musicians. The band known as Tupelo Blues had Scott Van Dusen who took on drums and percussion. He quickly built his place as a leading musician and adapted to the given situation. After working with original Los Angeles-based rock bands he preferred the rock folk style and therefore landed in this group.

Another member of the band includes Bob Lesher who takes on the vocals and harmonica. He’s actually the patriarch of the band and started playing with a Rolling Stones cover band in 65. By 67 he had an LP recorded which his today a collector’s item in Europe. With his extensive background in British Columbia and as a notable musician, he had no problem starting off his own band in Los Angeles. Most of his material is original and written by him, and has a dramatic power to it. The harmonica style brings creativity to the entire rock folk music.

The guitar and backing vocals are taken on by Ken Sheldon who was also a California native and has the distinct style for the blues.

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