Turkish Copper

Want to buy Turkish copper products? Read on for an interesting list of products made using Turkish copper…

The Turks have long made use of copper to create a wide variety of interesting decorative and utility items. The list of items includes everything from musical instruments to cooking utensils and interior decoration items.

Some unique Turkish copper products are mentioned below:

Turkish Copper Doumbek

The Doubek is a traditional Turkish percussion instrument. This particular doumbek has been constructed out of copper and has an 11” lightweight synthetic head. It measures about 17 ½ inches in length. The side surface of the drum has intricate hand etched designs and it is available in a variety of colors and styles. Traditional erzincan designs can be seen adorning the spun copper and cast aluminum body of the doumbek. It is known for producing crisp and resonating sounds.

Lidded Copper Ash Bucket

The lidded copper ash bucket is a fine monument of weathered charm that can be used as an interior decoration item in your home. It has been inspired by vintage Turkish styles and has a very rich character. One of the things that sets this Turkish copper product apart is that it graces with age. It develops a beautiful rich patina on its body especially if it is kept on the outside for a long period of time.

Turkish Copper Coffee Set

Coffee can be considered to be the national drink of the Turks. This is why they had many exquisite coffee sets that made the whole event of having coffee even more pleasurable. If you are fond of having coffee then the brass Turkish coffee set is an impressive product that you would want to incorporate into your kitchen.

The set features six cups made out of porcelain and an equal number of cup holders and saucers. The large copper tray holds an intricately designed beautiful teapot in the center. Each of the pieces made out of copper in the set has been individually hand hammered into shape. Only the experienced artisans of the region of Anatolia can produce such brilliant craftwork. Elaborate designs have been etched onto the surface of the each article and to top it all off they have been painted in an aesthetically appealing combination of bright colors.

Turkish Copper Fire Pit

If you are looking for a unique decoration item for your garden then the Turkish copper fire pit is an excellent choice. This item is beautiful in terms of its appearance but fully functional as a fire pit. The good thing about this product is that it has been made resistant to the effects of weathering so that you can leave it outside for the entire year. It has a steel piece and a top that has been powder coated. The fire pit has a solid copper base with a substantial .8mm gauge. The pit has been guarded with iron grates that allow you to produce a well-ventilated fire.

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