Turkish Desserts

Looking for a famous Turkish dessert recipe? Want to know how baklava or Turkish semolina is made? Our guide to Turkish desserts gives you the recipes, facts & information you want to know.

Having been influenced by various nations due to its geographical location Turkey possesses a unique cuisine that is a fusion of the cuisines of different nations. The most notable development in the Turkish cuisine came from the Muslims of the Ottoman Empire. It was under this rule that the court chefs strived to develop new and interesting types of foods that would tingle the senses of the royal family. But naturally desserts were a major area of competition because they generally bring a lot of happiness to the one who indulges in them. The Muslims are not the only ones who have had an influence on the Turkish taste buds; rather the influence of various other nations can be seen on the Turkish cuisine. Greek, Armenian and African traces can be clearly seen in the ingredients that the Turkish people use as well as the way they cook their food.

Popular Turkish Desserts

The Turks are known for possessing a sweet tooth but they are also famous for their love of bread. It is no wonder that they incorporated wheat into the making of one of their most famous desserts known as asure. This special treat happens to be one of the oldest sweet dish traditions of the region. You will find that in the month following Kurban Bayrami which is the month of asure there is a mass production of asure which is distributed within the neighborhood. According to the Turkish tradition they celebrate this in memory of the celebration that the people in Noah’s arc made when they finally reached land. It was believed that they were short of food so they just put everything together to form a soup like substance. The dish is now made of a mixture of wheat, chickpeas and dried beans as the main ingredients. Further the dry fruits are added especially oranges and the end product is garnished with walnuts, pomegranate pits and rosewater.

Famous Turkish Dessert Recipes

The Baklava is by far Turkey’s favorite dessert not only for the domestic population but all those who have had a taste of the sweet are head over heels over it. The flour based dessert has a number of dairy ingredients like butter and starch. Eggs, olives, pistachio, and lemons are some of the other ingredients that are used in this delight. The final product is a brownish pastry type bite sized product which is one treat worth having.

Another Turkish dessert is the Semolina Halva known as Irmik Helvasi. With the main ingredient being semolina which you add in melted margarine along with nuts. Syrup or sugar and water is then poured on top of the mix which is laid to rest for a while before serving. Kadayif Dolmasi is another amazing Turkish delight that includes walnuts, hazelnuts, eggs, granulated sugar and sunflower oil to fry it in. The finished product is in the form of neat roles that are devoured with syrup and served when they have cooled down. Then there is the semolina sponge cake which is served with whipped cream or the local Turkish version known as Kaymak.

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