Turkish Furniture Fabrics

Looking to revamp your home? Consider opting for Turkish furniture fabrics. Read our guide for more facts and information…

In order to revamp your home you don’t need to change everything to achieve a new look. Simply changing your furniture fabrics will do the trick.

This home décor idea works perfectly for those on a budget who cannot afford to incur costly expenditure on buying new furniture or carpeting.

The first step is to decide the furniture pieces whose fabric you’d like to change. Your renovation will be most notable if you choose the furniture item that stands out the most in your room or is the focal point of the décor. For instance your sofa set, couch or a love seat.

The next step is to think about what changes you want to incorporate. There are many choices available in furniture fabrics and so a little survey will help you narrow them down. They come in many colours, patterns, materials and designs.


The otttoman fabric is a notable fabric in the turkish furniture fabric variety. Some people get confused with the name as Ottoman is a term used for furniture as well as fabric.

As a furniture piece it refers to a padded sofa, footstool or a divan which comes backless i.e. without an arms rest. They come in a range of sizes, styles and fabrics. Many also come with storage boxes and padded seats.

Ottoman is also used for a heavyweight ribbed fabric which originated in Turkey. It is known as the ottomoan cord or ottoman rib and is used for draperies and upholstery.

The Ottoman fabric is made by interweaving light and heavy yarn and creating a corduroy look.  It cannot be shirred because it is a heavy fabric. It comes in many colors and is available in silk, polyster fibres, wool or cotton.

Other options

Some other choices include nylon, polyester and olefin. These materials are man-made and strong.

Nylon offers good resistance to wear and tear as it is one of the strongest materials. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and leaves a soft feeling. Olefin is both stain and abrasion resistant as well. However it often fades if coloured and appears sensitive to warm temperatures.  Polyester offers strong resistance to wear and tear, sunlight yet compared to other fabrics it is less resistant to heat.

Some people also choose cotton, acetate or rayon which dye well although fade over time. They offer average resistant to abrasion.

Cotton is preferred due to the soft feel of the fabric and it dyes well. Acetate is not a popular choice yet works well in blends, dyes well but offers low resistance to wear and tear and sunlight. Rayon is stronger, also dyes well and offers reasonable resistance to wear and tear.

Wool is another option which is durable and easy to maintain. However it is pricier than other fabrics. You can choose from the other Turkish furniture fabrics if you are on a limited budget.

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