Sombrerete Zacatecas Mexico

Going on vacation to Mexico? Visiting Sombrerete in Zacatecas Mexico? Read our guide to sombrerete which contains facts & information on the history, culture, economy and people of this town in Zacatecas Mexico.

Sombrerete is a major city in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. Sombrerete is known as one of the most significant cities in the state of Zacatecas because of its huge mineral deposits and great potential in terms of tourism. Much of Sombrerete’s economic activities and development can be attributed to mining and tourism. Sombrerete Hill is renowned for its rich ore deposits of precious minerals like gold, lead, tin, silver and even mercury.  Sombrerete Hill is where most of the mineral concessions can be found in the area.

Sombrerete Churches

Despite the fact that Sombrerete is a mining municipality the local government is trying its best to preserve the natural resources of the area. Protracted programs are planned and carried out to ensure that the future generations will have something to enjoy when their time comes. Sombrerete is blessed with several man made scenic spots, too. Most of these tourist spots in Sombrerete are great churches built over a hundred years ago. The Parochial Temple is one such place. The Santo Domingo Church and San Francisco Convent share the architectural magnificence that characterize the period when these churches were established. Many old buildings too have supreme architectural design and structure.

Sombrerete Zacatecas Weather

The Sombrerete climate is more or less semi-dry but with some months having a little amount of snowfall. The colonial city of Sombrerete enjoys relatively humid weather conditions with some gusty winds. This kind of climate makes Sombrerete an ideal place for growing maize and other crops. People raise chickens and mammals like goats and cows in the rural communities outside the city. These livestock and crops are sold by raisers in the market found in the city proper of Sombrerete.

Sombrerete Population

Sombrerete has a total population of approximately 84, 000 residents. A vast majority of the population lives in the rural areas and the rest live within the city limits of Sombrerete. People of Sombrerete primarily engage in mining related activities and business. There is a considerable number of people who engage in farming, as well. Sombrerete is dubbed as the second most scenic place among the 58 municipalities in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. Festivities in Sombrerete are very much related to the religious celebrations held to give homage to the patron Saints of each parish church. During these occasions, Sombrerete becomes even more colorful and alive. Sombrerete holds loud drum parades and celebrations to show the happy side of the occasion while devotees go to church to silently pray and give thanks for the blessings they have received. These and many other things make Sombrerete an inviting place to visit.

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