Turkish Hijab

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The Turkish hijab is donned in fashionable ways by the largely secular Turkish women. The hijab is worn essentially as a scarf to cover the head and neck. Wrapped around the head, the hijab of Turkish women is a colorful accoutrement to their dress.

The Turkish hijab is a riot of attractive colors chosen to match the outfit of Turkish women. The hijab is made from silk, chiffon or other soft material in order that it can be easily tied around the head to cover the hair. Many attractive variations to the way the hijab is tied makes the Turkish lady’s entire presentation look absolutely gorgeous.

Silk and satin hijabs are fairly expensive so many ladies settle for Turkish hijabs of soft but less expensive material. These can be purchased in many departmental or clothing stores throughout Turkey. The price of a cotton hijab would range from $10 and upwards.

Hijabs have become a style statement for the modern Turkish woman. Lovely scarves are tied around the head and knotted at the nape of the neck. Some hijabs are worn to reveal part of the hair and the neck. They are matched with modern European clothes such as cropped jeans and sleeveless T shirts.

Turkish Hijab Law

The hijab has been banned in universities, schools, government offices and public buildings in Turkey since a military coup in 1980. The ruling Justice and Development Party enforced a constitutional reform bill in February 2008 that amended the constitution in order to lift a ban on headscarves in universities. This Turkish hijab law was annulled in June 2008 by the Constitutional Court of Turkey, the highest in the land.

Many universities had defied the annulled law which allowed female university students to tie a scarf loosely under the chin and continued to enforce bans on the hijab. The constitution of Turkey maintains that the country is a secular republic. The secularism of Turkey, which separates religion from the state, is wholly a result of Mohamed Kemal, the Ataturk, or father of modern Turkey.

The Turkish hijab come in a stunning array of attractive designs. Silk and satin hijabs are expensive affairs yet exquisite when worn by Turkish women. The hijab is banned in mainstream Turkey through a secular constitution.

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