American Eagle Outfitters Logo

Interested in the American eagle outfitters logo? Find out about the patriotic logo of one of America’s top fashion brands…

American Eagle Outfitters is the name of a Pittsburgh based clothing and accessories fashion brand. The brand was developed by Mark and Jerry back in 1977 and has since then come a long way to become one of the most popular brands in the United States. The brand has the traditional American Eagle as its identity forming logo.

Since the brand is American to the core, they needed to adopt a logo that was itself American to the core. In this regards the American Eagle being a native bird of North America served as the perfect inspiration. As it is the American Eagle is considered to be one of the most prominent and patriotic symbols of America and is featured on the Great Seal. This patriotic brand named itself after this identity forming symbol and made a silhouette of the bird in flight as its final logo.

The main target audience of this brand was teenagers and young adults. This is why you will find their fashion clothing and accessories to have a hip and cool look about them. Their product range includes jeans, Graphic T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, swimwear, hats, bags, footwear and various other accessories all catering to the modern sense of aesthetics amongst the youth.

American Eagle Outfitters History

When the brand started out it aimed to establish a place amongst the menswear outlets in America. A number of branches were opened up in malls across the United States. By 1989 the company had diversified and established itself with over 137 outlets spread over 37 states.

After this initial period of rapid growth the company progressed at a very slow rate. By 1991 only 15 new stores had been opened and as such the company was running at a loss. A change in ownership however turned the fate of the company as it managed to find its niche. Since then the company has operated as a leading force in the casual clothing for men and women genre.

American Eagle Outfitters Feel

American Eagle Outfitters range has a very bright and fresh feel to it. This feeling may not be conveyed in the graphic imagery of the logo as such but when you take a look at their retail outlets and the collection of apparel that they have to offer this feeling is overwhelming. It far out does other brands like Hollister and Abercrombie especially in terms of how it presents itself in the malls. White wooden shelving, clothes racks and tables are to be found in the company’s retail outlets. Along with the American Eagle logo the brand has “live your life” as its tag line.

Along with creating hip fashion clothing for young men and women the company launched a special category of clothing for children between the age brackets of 2 to 10. This category is known as 77 kids and has helped the company to expand its target market.

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