Turkish Silver Beads

Turkish silver beads can be termed as the smallest element of the Turkish culture yet they have a history attached. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Turkish beads are made through a special technique known as Güherse. This term describes the small beads which are welded onto items made from silver or gold. It has been passed down over centuries by metal workers. The technique originated in the region of Mesopotamia but it was the Turkish jewellers which developed it further and refined the technique. In the early days the Ottoman jewellers had attained such mastery that it became impossible to replicate their work.

The production of beads posed two main issues that had to be addressed. One was that every bead had to be equal to the others and second that the beads had to be welded to the metal surface of the object. Both these steps were accomplished and mastered by the Ottomans through which they created beautiful artwork and jewellery pieces.

Ottoman Silver Bead Craft

It was essential that the silver beads were used on a buckle of exact standard. On average they were 900 parts for every thousand silver beads. Once they were produced, the next step was to weld them to the surface. In the past centuries no conventional methods existed for welding which added to the craftsman’s difficulty.

The Güherse method is rewarding as the end result is refined and beautiful even though it is a difficult method. Many items are decorated using this technique such as scabbards, decorative buckles and harnesses which are found in museums.

Today the craftsman uses a sharp ended instrument to gouge out small depressions where the bead needs to be welded. This ensures that the beads do not roll way and the borax paste is firmly held to be applied with a brush.  A flame is then passed over which allows the beads to be fused to the surface.

Bead Varieties

There are many different kinds of Turkish beads including loose beads, spacer beads, prayer beads etc. Spacer beads are used to protect gemstones and creating more volume while using less silver.  They are used in making jewellery items made from sterling silver. Turkish beads are exported and  are extensively used worldwide.

The beads come in many shapes and sizes and are priced per gram. The beads can be hand made or machine made. Each bead differs in quality, size and use. Some are light weight while others may have better finishing or finer detailing than others. They can be purchased in packets of ten or twenty.

Beads are used by jewellers to add style to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets as well as small home decor items. The quality of the bead determines the overall quality of the product. And so many Turkish beads are a top choice among bead jewellery makers, artists, hobbyists and boutique owners.

The Turkish beads are considered among the top quality silver beads available in the market. They come with intricate designs in many variations and are used for jewellery assembly such as necklaces, bracelets etc.

Try to purchase the packet that comes with the most number of beads in them to get a better value for money.

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