Foxy Lady Korean Drama

Interested in Foxy Lady Korean drama? Discover the escapades of an immature thirty-something girl in this romantic comedy also called What’s Up Fox?

The Korean drama, Foxy Lady is an example of the romantic comedy genre. The TV serial was broadcasted on MBC network in November 2006. It follows the escapades of a thirty-something girl who is highly mature for her age. The lead character known as Go Byeong Hee is a reporter for a nondescript magazine company.

She’s constantly lost in the dreams of a healthy and platonic relationship with her brother’s friend who is almost a decade younger than her. She finds her life boring and is constantly on the lookout for excitement and a change. Her aim in life is to work for a reputable company where she’s respected professionally.

Apart from this she wants to settle down with a man who cares for her and can provide her emotional as well as financial support. Her fantasies are not limited to just settling down, however, she also wants to go on a camping trip with the young boy who is the love of her life.

However, life has something else in store for her and she suddenly meets with terrible accident along with the brother of a friend called Park Chul Su. The young boy plays the role of a 24-year-old mechanic who works at an automobile repair shop. He is a young and ambitious boy who loves to travel and work as a mechanic and makes the most of his blessings in life.

Both of them are in denial and constantly keep telling each other that they have a good healthy relationship while they fantasize about some other people. However Cupid  is around the corner and love strikes both of them and eventually the TV serial unfolds with both of them realizing that they are meant to be together regardless of the age difference.

Production Credits for Korean Drama What’s Up Fox?

The well-written television serial uses the title Foxy Lady as broadscast by MBC Global Media. It is also released under the title Hey Fox, What You Want To Do? As well as What’s Up Fox?

Aptly written by Kim Do Woo this amusing storyline draws on how women constantly fantasize about true love while men have birds in their hearts and always want to fly high and reach the sky. The slick production by Korean TV serial director and producer Kwon Seok Jang has captured the attention of Korean audiences around the world.

Storyline of the Korean Drama Foxy Lady

Each episode unfolds to depict the confusion faced by the 33-year-old reporter. There’s a constant repertoire of comical and cynical exchanges between both the lead characters as they try and hang onto their fantasies rather than focusing on reality. For them happiness is an elusive dream which they have to keep chasing because they focus on mirages rather than what is actually happening in life.

The main focus of the TV serial is evident as we see the characters moving towards the realization that each was searching for true love and happiness by focusing on the external sources that might provide it to them. However, true love and happiness reside inside each human being and can be found with those closest to us. This realization gradually allows both the characters to drop their artificial defenses and get the courage to accept reality and enjoy life as it unfolds one beautiful day at a time.

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