Turkish Silver Coins

Interested in learning about the history of Turkish silver coins? Whether its modern coins or antique Ottoman silver that interests you, read our guide for more facts and information…

Turkish silver coins make ideal gifts for any collector. They hold immense significance as they represent different eras from Turkish history.

The Turkish currency is known as the Turkish Lira and the Turkish coins have undergone many changes over the years. They are subdivided into 100 kurus. All Turkish currency including notes and coins feature the portrait of Mustufa Kemal Ataturk on the backside.

History  of the Lira

The Turkish Lira was first introduced in 1922 and they were the last coins which featured inscriptions of Arabic script on their backs.

In 1934 the silver kurus 100 were discarded and replaced with a new coinage the following next year. This included nickel 1, 5 and 10 kurus as well as silver 25 and 50 kurus and one Turkish Lira. The silver 20 kurus were then discontinued in 1948.

Between the periods 2005 to 2008 the second Turkish Lira was known as the new Turkish Lira. The coins had a denomination of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 new kurus. Since 2009 the term ‘new’ has been removed and now the currency is known as the Turkish lira.

The coins were made from different materials such as silver, brass, cupro nickel and some were bi-metallic. All the coins of this era also had the portrait of Kemal Ataturk embossed on them.

Antique Turkish Silver Coins

You can purchase antique Turkish coins from collectors and shops in Turkey. The jewellery shops which sell silver also have Turkish silver coins available for sale.

Antique Turkish coins can also be purchased online where the variety is varied as they are supplied by small independent suppliers as well as large importers.

Generally the suppliers will offer information such as the material used, the measurements and the time period of the coin. Further pictures will be provided to make sure that you are satisfied with the condition before you purchase the coins.

The prices vary based on the age of coin, the historical significance as well as the condition of the coin. The prices usually start from $50 for valuable Turkish coins which have some historical significance.

Some sellers often overstate the price of the antique coins to make them appear more valuable than they really are. It is better to take the opinion of a collector to find out the true value of the coin.

Best Deal

The best price for the Turkish coins can be attained if one is travelling to the country itself and deal in the market. It is ideal to ask some reliable locals or your tour guide from where you should purchase the silver coins.

It is recommended to purchase Turkish coins through this method if one has the opportunity. It is always better than buying online as you have the coins in front of you which make the purchase easier. Further you will be charged less unlike the shipping expenses which add to the price if you purchase online.

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