City Ordinances Orland California

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When it comes to city ordinances in Orland, California, some recent ones have been passed. These were issued in order to prohibit the collectives and dispensaries of marijuana in the city. As a result of the city ordinance in Orland, California, the three aspects of cooperators, dispensaries and collectives dealing in marijuana were prohibited in Orland, California.

This action resulted due to an organization that was planning to open a facility of this sort in Orland. As a result, the city attorney saw a future full of trouble and drafted the ordinance in a timely manner. It has been unanimously approved and put into effect immediately since the end of 2009.

City Atty. Dispensing Ordinances in Orland California

The city attorney informed council members that the city does not have in place a new ordinance for governing such enterprises. Therefore, a timely approval of the ordinance would allow them enough time to develop rules and establish public hearings on handling such an issue.

Widespread Interest in Establishing Dispensaries For Marijuana In Orland California

The nonprofit corporation based in California for medical cannabis dispensary had this quest to open up an entity in Orland, California. However, this was the main reason why the ordinance was put together. There are other entities that operate in the city. Even though the city has managed to issue an order to close it down, it still continues to supply cannabis to the patients. Even though the entity claims that their business is legitimate, the city attorney is trying to shut down all such businesses and operations.

Main Reason for Prohibitions in Orland California

The city government argues that these facilities are troublesome for the city itself. Medical marijuana is prohibited under federal law, even though it is legalized in California under a doctor’s prescription, recommendation or other guidelines that are applicable.

However, federal agencies have cracked down on cooperators, collectives and dispensaries for marijuana and cannabis. The new establishment in the government is not as firm on crackdowns on drugs and enforcing the laws as the previous administrations were. This might be the reason why the city attorney has been firmer and swift in passing this ordinance.

There are legal rulings that allow many cities in California to establish storefront marijuana facilities as the cities have won legal lawsuit in these matters. However, the emergency ordinance was established for 45 days and then extended for one calendar year while the city works through the legalities.

Issued in the light of public health and safety, the ordinance does not have want marijuana outlets near prime properties. These would include establishing guidelines to prevent the establishment near schools, residences and day care centers. However, at present such ordinances and guidelines do not exist.

Another facet would be to avoid their establishment in the downtown area and business district. The main reason for this is to restrict the use to patients only, and prevent abuse of the drug by other members of the community. There are many loopholes in the state law so the main area of concern would be to provide marijuana and cannabis to those in need and restrict it from those who might abuse it.

There are many concerns about an increase in illegal drug activity, crime and loitering, especially in downtown Orlando, which could be a prime hub for such issues. Unfortunately, there are many communities that have been facing a problem where retail outlets selling clothes have opened up and dispense marijuana and cannabis on the site.

This is considered illegal business and is a clear violation of the law. This makes it actually harder for those who require medication to numb the pain of cancer medication to accessing this legal drug. Therefore, with the right ordinance Orland should be able to draw a fine line between servicing those in need and prohibiting those who would abuse such a substance.

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