1909 Indian Head Coins

Want to buy a 1909 Indian head cent? Read on to find out what makes this particular coin special and where you can get your hands on 1909 Indian head cents…
Indian Head Coins

Coin collecting has been one of the most popular hobbies maintained by people from all around the world. The 1909s Indian head coin is considered to be one of the all-time classic coins that every collector would love to have. There are a number of things that contribute to make the 1909 Indian head a collector’s prized possession.

This classic coin was designed by renowned artist James B. Longacre who was commissioned by Pres. Theodore Roosevelt in the early 1900s. The coin measured 19 mm in diameter and has metal content comprising of 95% copper and the remaining 5% being tin and zinc. The coin weighed in at 3.11 grams and had a plain edge. The entire batch of 1909 Indian head coins was minted from the San Francisco facility which is why they bore the mint mark of “S”. The benchmark was situated on the reverse side just underneath the bow of the wreath.

What Makes the 1909 Indian Head Coin Special

The 1909 Indian head coin was an extremely rare coin because it was printed in the least numbers amongst the entire series. The total number of 1909 Indian head coin pieces amounted to 309,000. Although this number seems high in isolation when compared to the second lowest minted coin it is less than half of that quantity. For example the highly revered 1877 Indian head coin is considered to be one of the rarest coins amongst the series yet the printed volume is more than double of the 1909 Indian head cent.

The low volume of coins is not the only fact that adds value to this historical coin. There is another very important factor that collectors take into account when evaluating the value of coins. This has to do with the number of coins that bear the same date. In the case of the 1909 Indian head we find that it is one of the only two dates that have ever been struck by the San Francisco mint. This naturally adds value to the 1909 Indian head cent. The other date minted by the San Francisco mint was 1908.

The production of the 1909 Indian head cents seized in the year 1909. A Large number of collectors understood the fact that the value of the coin would grow over time and hence nicely preserved some great examples from the series. This was one of the reasons that contributed to stabilizing the price of the coin despite its rarity.

Counterfeit 1909 Indian Head Cent

Over the years many counterfeits of the 1909 Indian head cent were developed with the intent of cheating the naïve collector. This is why it is highly recommended that you ask for authentic certification when looking to buy this particular coin. You will be able to find the finest Brown, red brown and red examples graded by the regulating authorities. Official certification ensures that the coin you will be buying is indeed the original 1909 Indian head.

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