Turkish Silver Hanging Mirrors

Turkish silver hanging mirrors are much more than the ordinary mirrors on your wall. What makes them so special? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Turkish mirrors came in many different variations. Some came with handles, others with silver chains to hang them on walls. Both kinds were known as cushion mirrors as neither was in use when laid or hung against the divan’s cushion.

Decor Options

Turkish hanging mirrors are a beautiful addition to any room as they perfectly fit in living rooms, drawing or dining rooms as well as bedrooms. They add an ethnic and cultural touch to any space. The intricate work on the mirrors adds to their embellished look, enhances the beauty and increases the value.

You can find original mirrors which were made from 1850 to 1899. Reproductions of the ancient hanging mirrors are also available.

Materials Used

Turkish mirrors were commonly made from silver as well as mother of pearl.  The latter was made of wood where one side was carved for the mirror, the back and edge inlaid with mother of pearl while the rest was decorated with beautiful engraving.

The silver mirrors were made of filigree or came with chased decoration. There was also a variety of Turkish mirrors which were made from copper gilt. In the homes of the wealthiest families one could find silver gold mirrors studded with precious gems.


Turkish hanging mirrors are available in many shapes, sizes and designs. If you are buying the mirror from a shop or market place in Turkey, the seller will provide you with the details about design and value.

Some might try to fool you by making the silver hangings appear more valuable than they really are. Your tour guide is likely to help you in this situation.

If you purchase online the specification and the condition will be mentioned in the description of the product. However make sure to go through the pictures closely to get an idea yourself.

Average Prices

The prices of Turkish hanging mirrors vary based on the size, quality and craftsmanship. As you look for a bigger sized mirror, or an intricately designed one, the price automatically increases.

A small sized hanging mirror can be bought for $150 but the price increases with size, better quality and more work on the mirror. Many hanging mirrors have sterling silver as their primary materials which also add to the total price.

The final price also depends on whether you are buying the Turkish hangings from within the country or make your purchase online. There are some cheap market places which will offer lower prices against those which are located in the heart of tourist destinations where the prices are generally higher.

If you purchase online it may be more costly as the shipping cost is added to final price. However one can easily find a lot of variety of Turkish hanging mirrors online thanks to the suppliers from around the globe.

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