Information on Silk Turkish Carpets and Rugs

Interested in buying a Silk Turkish rug? Want to know how to choose your Silk Turkish carpet? Below is some information on how to appreciate an Antique Turkish Silk carpet

Turkish Silk Carpets

Some Turkish carpets are made from silk giving an exquisitely fine affect to these rugs. Some of the most famous hand-knotted antique Turkish carpets are made from Silk. Silk Turkish carpets are generally more expensive than Turkish rugs made from wool or cotton. Sometimes the warp and weft of these Turkish carpets are silk giving it a thing yarn as fewer strands are needed for the same length as silk fibres are longer than cotton. Sometimes silk is used in the knots of Turkish carpets to highlight special effects such as flowers.

Silk Turkish carpet maintenance

silk Turkish carpets do not last as long as wool Turkish rugs so proper maintenance is important. Special care must be taken when cleaning Turkish rugs made from silk.The silk on Silk Turkish carpets wears down after a few years giving a shiny embossed effect. Turkish carpets made entirely from Silk are often prone to rotting quicker than Wool Turkish carpets so it is important not to display them anywhere where they are likely to be damaged. Some modern Turkish carpet makers use a type of mercerised cotton as a silk substitute in their Turkish carpets.

Antique Silk Turkish rugs use silk that comes from cocoons farmed in Bursa. This natural silk is very strong and more resistant that the floss silk used in modern Turkish carpets. The finest silk comes from the first part of the tremendously long thread that the silk worm spins. The thread used in making Turkish Silk carpets from one silk cocoon can be as long as 25,000 meters. The finest hand-woven Turkish rugs are from the town of Hereke, famous for its history of making silk rugs. A standard silk Turkish carpet from Hereke has at least 1,000,000 knots per square meter. Some extraordinary Turkish Hereke silk rugs made with more than 3,000,000 knots per square meters. This shows how finely the silk in these Turkish carpets can be twisted and how resistant the carpet pile can be.

Other silk effects in Turkish carpets

Silver and gold threads have also been used in addition to silk with embossed wool in some Luxury Turkish carpets. This gives an incredible shiny effect to these carpets that is rarely found in other types of rug and carpet making. These Turkish rugs are particularly expensive to buy.

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