Turkish Van Tinkerbell Cats

Are you planning to buy friendly Turkish van kitties? Do you want to know why Turkish van tinkerbells are more popular than others are? Then read our guide for facts and more information…

The Turkish van has its origin in Turkey and is known as Turkish van Kedisi.  This Turkish van belongs to an ancient and rare breed found in central / southwest Asia. The cat gets the name Van after the popular lake Van.  The local people consider these van cats as the regional treasures. These cats are not available for export as they are not available in plenty.

The Van cat  takes about 5 years to reach its maturity. This intelligent cat makes a good companion to pet lovers who own it. Even those who have fur or animal allergies could own a Turkish van tinkerbell. The fur of this healthy Van Cats does not mat hence it needs less grooming.

Why Turkish Van Tinkerbell Became Famous?

This type of cat is known for its color pattern shown in the head and tail regions of the cat. Most of the cats are available in white or red patterned foxtail, with eye color usually being  blue or amber. Some times each eye color will vary.

In Europe, many brought Turkish Van tinkerbells starting from the sixteenth century. The usage of the most popular red- white patterned Turkish van cats in the paintings of Antoine Jean Bail in the eighteenth century makes it evident how popular this breed of cats have been through history. White Turkish vans come with patches of red fur. Scientists have also found distinct differences between Van and Angoras in spite of the similarity in looks.

Characters and features

The Turkish Van tinkerbells have large swimmer’s bodies and have either short or long hair with swimmer’s bodyline. The cat also features shoulders, which are broad and top heavy. The Van body is long with its hind legs being a little shorter than the front legs. They  have a muscular body, short neck and grow up to sixteen pounds. Females Van’s are slightly lighter in weight.

This intelligent  cat adapts to the owner and the home environment fairly quickly. Turkish Van’s enjoy playing and jumping around exploring every big object within its reach. This energetic little thing spends time being active. If you love going for a swim expect your Turkish van tinkerbell to join you for a dip either in the pool or  tub. Like dogs, you could even train the Turkish Van’s to retrieve objects thrown at it. Turkish Vans prices vary according to the fur pattern and bloodlines of the variety.

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