Cooking Schools in South Korea

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Even though foreigners do not visit South Korea to enroll in culinary schools, it is known to have a rich culinary history and this makes it one of the important gastronomical centers of the world. The importance of South Korea as a heritage region for culinary schools is evidenced by the fact that the renowned Le Cordon Bleu culinary school also has chosen to locate one of its international campuses in South Korea.

South Korean Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Even before the establishment of the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school, South Korea was a thriving tourist destination and much of its economy has benefited from vacationing foreigners.

The hospitality and tourism industry has been thriving for year s and there is a continuing requirement for well-qualified and interesting chefs who can handle international cuisine.

Therefore, not only should they be professionals in the field of global cuisine, but also have experience in working in different hotels with experience in hotel management on an international level.

South Korean Cooking School Experiences

South Korea is home to some of the leading cooking schools in the region. The world-renowned French cooking school Le Cordon Bleu has established the Le Cordon Bleu-Sookmyung Academy in the capital of South Korea, Seoul. This represents the first type of international collaboration between a leading institution for culinary skill development and a South Korean cooking school.

The Le Cordon Bleu Academy is hosted by the renowned Sookmyung Women’s College in the city of Seoul. The aim of both these institutions is to establish a training institute to prepare a new generation of South Korean master chefs who can handle demands of the international arena with their culinary skills.

Apart from that the French culinary tradition will be promoted as an enduring gastronomical trend by combining it with international cuisine from South Korea. With this cooking school in South Korea the aim is to inculcate hospitality management skills and award three distinct degrees from the institute based in Seoul. The programs at the leading cooking school in South Korea focus on hotel management, culinary art as well as hospitality degrees.

Local Cuisine in South Korea

The food from the Orient is globally acclaimed and South Korea is not left behind when it comes to global acceptance of its local cuisine. The national dish of South Korea is known as the Kimchi. It is so different that it cannot be defined and classified in just one category.

In fact, there are different seasonal or regional types that are created out of a variety of fermented vegetables. Kimchi can be consumed on its own or as part of a complete menu.

There is an annual food festival celebrated in Korea and among Koreans all over the world. The aim is to commemorate this Korean food with the festival known as the Gwangju Kimchi Festival.

Le Cordon Blue Cookbook on South Korean Kimchi

The importance of Kimchi as a fundamental heritage food item from Korean gastronomy has led to the development of a cookbook by the South Korean cooking school, the Le Cordon Bleu – Sookmyung Academy.

It actually is a combination of the two distinct culinary traditions of Korean Kimchi and Le Cordon Blue Cuisine. The book titled ‘A Meeting of Flavors, Tastes, and Cultures: Korean Kimchi and Le Cordon Blue’, has received international acclaim for archiving the heritage recipes of Kimchi from South Korea.

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