Turkish Vest

Turkish vests are renowned for their design and sense of aesthetics. Are you fascinated by them? Read on our guide to know more about them…

Turkish vests have a tribal look about them and lend the wearer an element of exotica reminiscent of the old time harems and belly dancers donning this lovely garment.

Types of Turkish vests:

There are many types of vests from Turkey.

1.  It could be a black velvet vest which completely accentuates a classic tribal look. This would set you back by $20.
2. Then there is the Pinion leather Turkish vest, which is faux leather at a much lower price than real leather and it comes with the signature Turkish cut. This is priced at $40.
3. You could try the Colored Turkish vest, which is fully lined and cut according to the key hole pattern to complement your tribal bra or under blouse. This is also usually priced at $ 40.
4. The long Turkish vest is inspired by ancient images of Middle Eastern dancers. These are made and lined with top class crushed velvet, as well as decorated with tassel and braid trim. You can also don gold and silver romance clasps to go with your costume. The center piece is normally the same color as your tassel and braid color.
5. You could also try out the $ 42, absolutely exotic handmade, under the bust garment that comes in green brocade with gold metallic trim and is unlined on the inside. It measures 15” from shoulder to the lower part of the hem and 17” between underarms.

Great $40 designs for Turkish vests are available on Tribal Bazar.com: Some of them are:

1. The Turkish Vest Brocade sm203
2. The Turkish Vest Brocade sm205
3. The VB-TBR –SM 212
4. The VB-TBR-SM 214
5. Turkish vest brocade L/XL 305
6. The VB-TBL-LXL 309

The thing about Turkish vests is that they cannot ever be regarded as a mere dress. There is that hint of eastern mystique and exotica about them. They are designed purely as a garment worn to create an expression, and are no utility piece of clothing by any stretch of the imagination. This type of fashion is fun, adventurous and if one may say so very Arabian Nights.

It is no wonder then Turkish vests are quite a rage the world over, with women wearing them to stunning effect on appropriate occasions. Turkish vets go well with accessories like beads and bauble, and gypsy skirts or harem pants.

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