8mm Turkish Mauser

Want to buy an 8mm Turkish Mauser? Read on for facts and info on this historic rifle developed by the Turks…

The highly sought after 8mm Turkish Mauser was once readily available in the markets of Turkey. It was also one of the cheapest guns that anyone could afford. However, today the 8mm Turkish Mauser is a very rare rifle, which is not at all cheap to purchase.

There were a number of things that contributed to making the 8mm Mauser rifle an all-time classic. It featured all corrosive Berdan prim with stripper clips. It also had a 154 grain jacketed bullet that was coated with flake powder. The rounds on this rifle have taken inspiration from the German 8mm S cartridge and match it in terms of its performance.

The 8mm Turkish Mauser is regarded as a full power military weapon, with its mighty powerful cartridge. When triggered the gun performs at the upper range of the pressure end, which comes out as obvious when taking the shot.

This unique rifle was popularized towards the end of the Ottoman rule in Turkey. At that point in time the Mauser being used was the 7.6×53 Mauser. As World War I broke out the Turkish rifles went through a series of modifications so as to match up to the German weapons and consequently the 8mm Turkish Mauser was developed, as we know it today.

The title given to the rifle was actually coined by the Americans, whereas back in Turkey the rifle was known as the 7.92 x 57 mm IS. The barrels used in the configuration of these rifles were made in Turkey and were marked with the precise barrel dimensions that were most often 7.91 or 7.92.

The dimensions marked on the weapon were not meant to state diameter of the unfired bullet, rather it was meant to denote the land to land dimension of the particular barrel used in the construction of the gun. When measured, the unfired bullet has a diameter of 8.2mm. This diameter closely matches the groove-to-groove ratio.

It is believed that the first version of the 8mm Turkish Mauser was developed back in 1936 although some specimens are marked with the date of 1931. The earliest versions of this rifle would make use of cupro-nickel jacketed bullets. By 1949 the Turks started making use of copper and gilding metal jackets for their rifles.

One of the unique things about Turkish rifles is the fact that the vast majority of them will attract magnets. This is a clear indication that the lead is not the only material used in the copper jacket. Extensive research has been conducted in order to determine the materials used for the 8mm Turkish Mauser.

The majority of the early rifles created by the Turks have inscriptions in Arabic script. Even the dates mentioned on these rifles are according to the Islamic calendar. Today the 8mm Turkish rifle is exhibited in museums and can be found in the collection of gun enthusiasts.

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