Turkish Wedding Rings

Interested in Turkish wedding rings? Want to know the history of the Turkish puzzle wedding ring? Read on for more facts & information…

The puzzle ring is also known as the Turkish wedding ring and this had led to the erroneous belief that puzzle rings are used as weddings bands in Turkey. The story of the puzzle ring is that a Turkish nobleman was so in love with his wife that he had a jeweler design a ring that would fall apart if it was removed. By using this device he hoped to discover if his wife committed adultery when he was away. This legend led to the description of puzzle rings as Turkish wedding rings although they are not commonly used as wedding bands in the Turkish culture.

The Vein of Love

Turkey follows the European custom of wearing the wedding band on the left hand. In ancient European culture it was believed that the fourth finger of the left hand housed the vena amoris or vein of love. Wearing the wedding ring on the right hand is common among members of the Eastern Orthodox Church, but about 99% of Turkey’s population practices Islam and follows the European tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand.

Gold Turkish Engagement Rings

In Turkish tradition, an engagement party is held to announce the couple’s intention to wed and rings may be exchanged at this ceremony. Historically, Turkish engagement rings are thin gold bands, but many Turkish brides to be now receive bands set with gemstones in the European and American tradition. The engagement party may be larger than the wedding celebration and is as much a part of Turkish wedding tradition as any other element of the marriage preparations.

Exchanging Wedding Rings

Turkish wedding rings are very much like wedding bands around the world. They are most often made from precious metals like gold and may be embellished with etching, filigree or precious gems. The width and design of wedding bands depends on the couple’s budget and individual preference and there are no special traditions governing the type of rings exchanged. Turkish wedding ceremonies are often secular and the exchanging of rings may not even be an important part of the bridal celebration.

Turkish Jewelers

While some Turkish couples may choose puzzle rings for their wedding bands, puzzle rings are used in many different cultures and they are not endemic to Turkey. The same myth that has linked the puzzle ring to Turkey has also attributed it to China and India depending on who is relating the story. Couples looking for genuine Turkish wedding rings can contact Turkish jewelry makers on the Internet to find the perfect rings to symbolize their love.

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