Wild Turkey Stamps

Want to buy wild turkey stamps? Looking for a particular wild turkey stamp? Read on for facts and info on stamps featuring the wild turkey bird in different compositions…
Turkey Stamps

Wild Turkey stamps are highly sought after for a number of reasons. First of all the wild turkey is regarded as being the first bird of its kind to have been noticed in the Americas. Secondly it is a beautiful bird which makes a great image for stamps.

You will be able to find wild turkey stamps in many different compositions with the earliest of them dating back to 1976 which was the first year for the release of wild turkey stamps.

Classic Wild Turkey Stamps

As 1976 was the first year for the issuing of wild turkey themed stamps, the particular one for the year is regarded as being an all time classic. Designed by Osceola Russ Smiley, the stamp is known as the “Turkeys in Swamp”. It is a realistic illustration of a group of turkeys lazing around in swampy waters. The value of the 1976 wild turkey stamp was set at $3.

The very next year saw the release of the “Turkeys in Snow” design. However, this time it was designed by Chuck Ripper and was given the same value. “Turkeys in Field” and “Turkeys on Branch” were released in the two consecutive following years designed by different artists and set at the same level.

Recent Wild Turkey Stamps

When it comes to stamp collecting, the ones that have value are either very old or very rare or the latest in line. Amongst the wild turkey stamps of the recent years is the 1999 version featuring the Turkey in Woods. This stamp design was developed by David Lanier and was set at $5.

The first wild turkey stamp after the turn of the century was the unique “Spring Display” featuring Homestead turkeys. This stamp was designed by Eddie Le Roy and was also available for $5. The following year showed the Spring Show with the Turkeys in Creek designed by Philip Crowe.

Perhaps one of the most unique wild turkey stamps that you will be able to get out there is the 2002 design titled “The warriors”. This design featured two toms facing off against each other. 2003 saw the release of “Two Toms in Clearing” by Mark Anderson. Amongst the latest designs is the emphatic “Who’s the Boss” wild turkey stamp of 2007 designed by Wilhelm Geobel.

Wild Turkey Stamp Collecting Tips

It is important for wild turkey stamp collectors to be aware of the fact that the value of these stamps may change over time. The face value indicated on the stamp may not always be the price that you will have to pay to acquire them. While the more recent wild turkey stamps are still used in regular mail, the older ones have become purely collectable stamps and make great additions to any coin collector’s album.

The Internet has made it easier to locate and acquire the different variations of wild turkey stamps as you can easily make a search for the year you are looking for and find a reliable source from where to acquire it.

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