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Interested in stamp collectors and buyers from Long Beach California? Learn more about the chartered association for stamp collectors and buyers in Long Beach California...

Stamp CollectorsIf you are interested in stamp collectors and buyers in Long Beach California then you must join in the NSB which is the national Stamp Collectors Association.

This was formed in California in 1995 in order to provide a cohesive platform for stamp dealers. In order to get different types of stamp collectors on board, and provide a safe environment for trading stamps. This organization has some guidelines and rules.

There are basic dues and membership requirements. There are more than 265 members in the world including California. In order to ensure that you find the right type of buyers and sellers for stamps in Long Beach California it is essential to go through this Association. This will ensure safety when you are trading.

The members have to agree to the code of ethics, and complaints are handled very quickly by the board in order to find an amicable solution to issues.

Any legitimate dealer and collector of stamps is allowed to enter into membership. This can be through show dealing, main orders, Internet, or a part-time hobby of collectors for stamps. In fact you would be pleased to know that this association opens its membership to partners and international members. All the members are listed on the website, and you can find links to their personal contact details. In order to join one would simply have to fill out the admission form, and visit the office or send payment through the mail. The Association is an APS affiliate and functions as a not for profit organization.

With a basic membership of $75 per year if you are a stamp collector you can get access to a plethora of information, and dealers in Long Beach and other parts of California. The aim here is to create a dealers helping dealer’s situation, and it offers recognition and respect to dealers and collectors. Therefore if you’re searching for the right dealers then this is the place to go.

Membership Benefits for Dealers in California

The basic benefit a dealer would have of joining the Association is to get a certified platform to learn about stamps. Here one would be able to find stamps, sell stamps, or discuss stamps with the members and dealers. Since the members are honest in their dealings, it is the organization that is recognized by the International Federation of Stamp Dealers outside of America.

This means that when you’re purchasing from them you will not have a problem in locating the right person, and you will have peace of mind when dealing with the Long Beach dealers. All the collectible items have insurance coverage. Even worldwide mail coverage is available through a particular member on the list. There are discounts on professional certificates available to members only. This means that the authenticity and grading is certified and you can purchase the certificate at a great rate. It’s easy to access and you can pay online and get hold of an annual printed membership directory also.

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