Wooden Turkish Furniture

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Turkish Furniture Industry

Turkey has its place as one of the largest furniture suppliers in the world. The industry has expanded with latest production facilities, high quality products and innovation. Currently there are over 600, 000 companies actively operating in this industry.

Wooden furniture makes up a major proportion of the total furniture production. The major types of wood used are beech, oak, mahogany, ash, linden and pine. Wooden furniture can include complete room sets including beds, tables, chairs, armchairs, Turkish ottoman, recliners, coffee tables and desks.

The reason why Turkish wooden furniture is popular all over the world is that the local manufacturers consider the consumer preference of foreign markets, bringing continuous improvement, creativity and new designs as well as adding the cultural Turkish touch to their products.

Wooden furniture also allows people variety and choice. They can choose amongst the many materials available for furniture fabric or material upholster as well as the craftsmanship. They can also choose the wood based on the colour scheming in their room.

Additionally different kinds of wood have different prices so based on each person’s budget, the furniture can be bought. Every wood has a different style and look when crafted and you can choose from cherry, rosewood, oak or even pine.

Wooden Furniture Companies

There are many Turkish companies to choose from which offer different services and products. Some companies offer personal designing services to clients to help them create personalized spaces with unique pieces.

Everything is made according to the client’s preference and taste whether it is classic, contemporary or modern. Variation and changes can be made to the pieces shown in the catalogues as well.

One of the many companies is Ferit Furniture which has been in the furniture business for over 45 years. They are located in Izmir, Turkey which is the hub of furniture making. They provide customized furniture which reflects their experience and dedication towards providing high quality.

There is an extensive range of wooden furniture from cabinets, bedroom sets, custom made wooden crafts, jewellery boxes as well as decorative art. They rely on their inherited tradition of intricate craftsmanship and assure their customers that they choose trusted wood suppliers and look for key properties such as wood grain.

Only  good quality raw materials are used for their furniture pieces. Solid oak and pine are used for chairs, armoires, desks, entertainment centers and computer consoles.  Other materials such as ash, rosewood, cherry, beech, mahogany and linden are used for top of the line pieces such as dining room sets, conference tables, china cabinets and bedroom suites.

You can surf through sample furniture pieces on their website as well as learn about the company policies. You can choose any other company to buy your wooden furniture. Simply choose the one which has been around for years to ensure that you receive high quality Turkish furniture for your home.

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