World War 2 Turkish Rifles

Want to learn more about World War II Turkish rifles? Read on for facts and info on the different kinds of rifles used by Turkey during WWII…

As World War II drew closer, the Turks modified their old rifles so as to meet the new standards set by rifles produced in other countries. Starting from 1938, the Turks continued to update their rifles so as to serve their troops on the battlefield in the second Great War.

Turkish Rifle Model 1938

The first modification to the old Turkish rifle was made in the year 1938. The rifle was updated to the common configuration known as the 8 x 57 Mauser. Attempts at converting the rifles had initiated in 1933, but it was finalized by 1938. Following the development of this model, any rifle constructed according to this configuration was named Model 38. Some of the most important rifles converted to this standard include the 1893, 1903, Gew.98, Gew.88 and 1938/K.Kale.

The Turks had become isolated during World War II. This caused them to construct their own rifles making use of all parts that they could accumulate. News about the production of Turkish rifles in isolation during the warring period is not widely known to the public. On observation you will be able to find the vast majority of Turkish rifles used during World War II to be marked as “K.Kale”. This mark actually refers to the location where these rifles were assembled.

This was also the first time in history that the Turks had started producing their own parts and receivers. By 1940 the Turks were developing full-fledged rifles that were to be used in World War II.

38/46 Short Rifle K.Kale

This was another standardized configuration for Turkish rifles used during World War II. It was modeled on the 1938 standard but differed in respect to its size. The 38/46 was relatively shorter in length, which made it easier to carry, yet it had the ability to deliver the same kind of performance as its longer alternative.

03/38 Short Rifle

Throughout the history, the 1903 Turkish rifle had been one of the most successful models ever created by the Turks. However, following the development of the 1938 standard model this all-time classic short rifle also went through a series of modifications based on the new standard. The feature that differentiated the 1903 short rifle from the above mentioned one was the fact that it did not always have its bolt turned down.

1954 ATF Marked Rifles

The Turks learned quite a bit about constructing their own rifles Following World War II. After the war was over they continued to experiment and rebuilt a number of their rifles that were used during the war. The WWI Gew 98, for example was rebuilt to function as a totally different weapon. The receiver ring was shortened on this rifle, making it function as a hand guard holder. However these rifles were not very safe to use because of some technical difficulties.

Other common models used during the war include the Gew 88, Gew 98, Kar. 98AZ and the Enfield.

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