American Indian Handmade Pottery

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American Indian art and their handmade pottery in particular, are infused with elements of life and religion. They have used bold designs and colorful patterns, which are different and unique to each of the 500 or so tribes. Pieces found in the Mississippi region are decorated with rattlesnakes and other elements from nature. American Indians in the Andes Mountains in Venezuela now produce handmade pottery refrigerator magnets. Most pieces of handmade pottery these days come from tribes living in South America.


Among the many Peruvian tribes is the Shipibo Indians. Living close to the Amazon basin, many of their designs have been inspired by the skins of Giant Anacondas. They use natural colors for their handmade pottery, which are then pit fired and coated in a layer of sap from trees. These are certainly collectibles, as their pottery is rare and unique. The Nazca Indians on the other hand, use many bold designs and are famous for their polychrome pottery.


Not many of the Indian tribes living near the Amazon make handmade pottery unlike the Ashuar Indians. They are a sub tribe of the Jivaro Indians, who are famous for practicing head shrinking on their enemies. The Ashuar Indians are famous for constructing some of the most beautiful pieces of pottery. These are characteristically lightweight items that are also pit fired. Decorated with natural clays that give them their unique colors, these pots are also covered with the sap from trees.

Quichua Indians

One of the largest tribes in South America, the Quichua Indian tribe is found in many countries like Peru and Ecuador. Having descended from the ancient Incas, their handmade pottery is renowned for its light weight and intricate designs. They use a lot of natural resources to create their pottery. Nuts, berries and natural pigments from trees and flowers are also used to color their pottery. After painting and leaving them to dry, they are then coated with tree sap which makes them appear glossy.

Obtaining and viewing American Indian handmade pottery
Those who are interested in seeing and experiencing genuine American Indian handmade pottery and art should visit Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown, New York. This museum is home to one of the most comprehensive collections of American Indian arts and crafts.

There are also many websites online that sell authentic American Indian handmade pottery. One can find their desired designs and can choose from a range of samples from all over America. One of the most famous shops that sell authentic American Indian handmade pottery is the Tayo studio in the Andes Mountains.


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