Cottages in Kidwelly Wales

Cottages in Kidwelly Wales offer visitors the opportunity to relax on the beach and explore the splendors of the countryside including the famous twelfth century Kidwelly Castle. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Kidwelly, located in Carmarthenshire, is a small South Wales town that boasts some of the best self-catering cottages in the Welsh countryside, offering a precious holiday time for visitors. It is well-known for the Kidwelly Castle and is in close proximity to a few interesting destinations, such as the Pembrokeshire coast, Saundersfoot, Gower Beaches, National Wetlands Center, National Botanic Garden of Wales, and Championship golf courses. Apart from the Kidwelly Castle, visitors can have a glance at other famous fortresses namely, CarregCennen, Dinefwr and Laugharne.

Location of cottages in Kidwelly

Cottages are ideally sited in the serene countryside or the beach, where guests can experience a tranquil retreat. Those located on the coastal road to Kidwelly are readily accessible to the beautiful Carmarthen Bay of South Wales. Kidwelly Farm cottages overlooking the Kidwelly Castle and the famous Parish church form an ideal base to enjoy the attractions of Carmarthenshire. They consist of self-catering cottages with wood-burning stoves and oak-wood beams, rendering a rustic atmosphere.

Sightseeing in Kidwelly

Kidwelly is home to the remains of Kidwelly Castle, a twelfth century fort that was built for protection against the Welsh. Known as ‘Castell Cydweli’ in Welsh, Kidwelly Castle is a Norman Fort that overlooks the Gwendraeth River and the town. The condition of the castle is good enough to let visitors climb along its walls.  The Kidwelly Industrial Museum, located in the proximity of the historic town of Kidwelly, houses the second oldest tinplate works in the United Kingdom. It holds a worldwide renown for being the Tinplate manufacturing center of the 1800s.

Activities near cottages in Kidwelly

Cottage guests can take part in heritage tours and ghost tours. The former is a good idea for those interested in genealogy, while the latter is well-suited for the adventurous lot. Apart from experiencing the coastal and countryside landscapes, there are other local attractions to keep visitors occupied. The National Botanic Garden of Wales, Folly Farm and Oakwood Theme Park are among the attractions in the vicinity. Besides, there are plenty of walking routes, cycling routes and golf clubs. Boating, fishing and bird watching are other interesting activities.

Cottages in Kidwelly Wales are well-suited for those looking for mix of activities including adventure, natural beauty and opportunities to explore historical sites, all amidst an air of tranquility.

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