Wales Cottages Cardigan Bay

Wales cottages Cardigan Bay are elegant holiday accommodations located in the vicinity of its picturesque attractions and unique wildlife, and offer spectacular views over the Cardigan Bay at West Wales. Read our guide for more facts and information…

West Wales is an interesting place for short breaks and vacations, especially during the seasons of spring and autumn. These are the seasons of tranquility around the Cardigan Bay and Welsh beaches, offering a refreshing and relaxing experience. Cozy coastal cottages in the area augment the pleasant holiday experience and make a memorable vacation.

Serene cottage-locations around Cardigan Bay

The region around Cardigan Bay, the largest bay in Wales, is a famous tourist spot comprising a stunning coastline, serene woodlands, scenic countryside and majestic mountains. It has many beaches and interesting marine life, with towns and holiday cottages dotted on much of the coast around the bay. Some of the better known resorts are Fishguard, Aberaeron, Llanon, New Quay and Aberystwyth located on the Cambrian coastline.

Attractions around Cardigan Bay

Most of the West Wales attractions are in the vicinity of Cardigan Bay cottages. Croeso or Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park is situated on a picturesque headland overlooking the island’s nature reserve, located offshore. The Cardigan golf club offers amazing views of the bay, the Preseli Hills and the River Teifi. There are many gardens and nurseries in West Wales, where horticulturists and gardeners exhibit some unusual specimens. CaeHir, an ornamental garden, is a must-see in Lampeter. Several gardens specialize in specific plants. ‘The National Botanical Gardens’ and ‘The Garden Lost in Time’ are delightful spots located in the vicinity of the bay.

Watching the wildlife on Cardigan Bay

Cardigan Bay is an important location off the coast for attractive bottlenose dolphins. New Quay and Llangrannog are perhaps the best places to see wild dolphins, which can be easily spotted on a calm sea. Grey seals, red kites, seabirds and chough are some of the important wildlife species in the region. In addition to the diverse marine life, the area is admired for its attractive marine flowers.

Activities in Cardigan Bay

Apart from sightseeing, Cardigan Bay is an excellent place for wildlife enthusiasts. Boat trips offer an interesting exploration of the area’s famous dolphins. The Ceredigion Coast Path is apt for walkers who can enjoy the splendid coastline, watching wildlife, breathing fresh air and taking part in other activities.

Cardigan Bay SAC

Cardigan Bay is globally important for its marine wildlife and it is home to some of the rarest birds. Bottlenose dolphins, grey seals and porpoises reside in the bay and can be seen during boat trips or from cliffs and beaches. Cardigan Bay SAC or Special Area of Conservation serves to protect the wildlife within a 1000 square kilometer area of the sea.

With rugged scenery and rare wildlife, the Cardigan Bay area is known for its magnificent coastline. The sea side resorts and coastal cottages in the region are designed to access all the interesting locations and activities around the area.

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