Northern California Maidu Tribal Application Information

Looking for the Northern California Maidu tribal application information? Learn more about the application form for the Maidu tribe, Northern California ..

Generally the Maidu tribe is considered an independent one, and a second branch of the Penutian family that spreads towards the south through California. The territory consists of the drainage regions of Sacramento River moving through to the east all the way to the crest of Sierra Nevada.

Northern California Maidu Tribal Application Information

Konkow Valley Band of Maidu

The tribal application form for the Konkow Valley Band of Maidu North California is available for people who have the bloodline of the Konkow or Maidu people.

They are registered on the official rolls of Californians as native Indians, and their names must be part of the census of 1905 in 1906. The area of residence must be within the boundaries of the Yankee Hills, Homo and Reservoir regions. This exceptionally amazing North Indian tribe registers people who are genial descendents of people identified as part of the Indian tribes.
The application form comprises of different sections, including the name, address and zip code of the applicant. Contact information and date of birth is also required in order for the group to communicate with the applicant. As far as the lineage is concerned, the application form details the requirement for knowledge about which parent hails from the Konkow or Maidu tribe. Following this, a complete list of grandparents is required to assess the lineage of the ancestors. A special indication is required for Native American ancestors.

Details of three generations of paternal and maternal grandparents along with the immediate parents are required in the form. The form would also require details of the siblings, personal background and children in a specific manner. Once the application is filled out it is processed by the club member, and then processed to add people as part of the Maidu chapter in California.

The names of the tribe are generally meaningful but were considered obscure, obscene and trivial. By the time a child was two years old it would get the name of a dead relative. However, the additional nickname was often be utilized. Most of the people were given new names. Women got new names when they gave birth to a child, during adolescence and when they started aging.

Therefore, it is possible that the registration in the census would differ from the name that the present applicant would remember or have on record for a particular grandparent or parent. Therefore, before applying for a Maidu tribal group membership it is important to know the history and lineage of your family very well.

Territory of Ancient Maidu Peopke

The membership is granted to people who were residing in the lands under the reservation. This area was created as a reservation in 1851 when the land was granted under the US Treaty with the Native Americans. The treaty was signed at Bidwell’s Ranch on Chico Creek. It was signed between O.M. Wozencraft, who was the United States Indian Agent, and the Chiefs. It was also signed by the Head Men of the different Indian tribes, which included the Mi-chop-da, Es-Kuin and many others. The newly created territory included the areas of Camp Creek Pulga, Yankee Hill Dogwood, Cherokee, Mesilla Valley, Flea Valley, Isiah, Coal Canyon, Rag Dump and Nimshew. The boundaries also covered Blinzic, coal Creek and Wild Yankee Hill.

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