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German Army Tanks

Interested in German made tanks from the Nazi era? For a detailed look at the German Army’s tanks read on…The German Army tanks can easily qualify as the backbone of the German strategy. After all, why else would the production of various models and types follow in quick succession and be granted immense importance. After [...]

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German Panzer Tanks

There is a lot you may not know about the German Panzer Tank force. Read on to benefit from our comprehensive guide on the German Panzer Tanks…The German Panzer Tank force was what made the Germans’ Blitzkrieg attacks a resounding success. Actually, it was after the Germans had decided to adopt the British Colonel John [...]

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German Tiger Tanks

Interested in German Tiger tanks? Want to know how they helped the Nazis during WW2? Read our guide for more facts & information…If you thought the German Panzer tank was something to fear, you really must not have any knowledge of the capabilities of the German Tiger tanks. Known as the King Tiger Tank, this [...]

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German World War II Tanks

Interested in Nazi tanks? Want to know what German tanks were used in World War Two? Read our guide for facts & information…The German tank force utilized in World War II would never have seen the light of day if it had not been for the persistence of one German officer. Heinz Guderian’s ideas had [...]

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German Heavy Tanks

Interested in heavy tanks from Germany? Read our guide to the heaviest Nazi tanks used in the Second World War…The German Heavy Tanks only came into existence due to Adolf Hitler’s fascination with advanced and seemingly complex weaponry. While this statement stands true, it is also a fact that the German Panzer Tank force, no [...]

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