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Mexican American War Battles

Looking for the insight on the only military confrontation between Mexico and America? Read on to get the information, facts and figures on the major battles of the Mexican American War.There has been only one major military dispute between America and Mexico which was triggered by the annexation of Texas by the US and a [...]

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Mexican American Discrimination

The history of America has been tainted with discrimination against Mexican Americans. Find out the causes and the extreme acts of prejudice that have smeared the history of Mexican American relations.Mexican Americans have been the victim of discrimination throughout the history of the United States. The media has played a big role in promoting the [...]

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Mexican American Actors

Are you a Mexican American with career aspirations in the movie business? Are you looking for inspirational role models in the form of famous Mexican American actors? Our guide runs you through the best Mexican blood to hit the silver screen.American society cannot be fully described without the mention of Mexican Americans.  They are Americans [...]

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Mexican American Culture

What is a Mexican American? Are they loyal to the US or Mexico? Do they feel more Mexican or American? Whatever your question is, Our guide to Mexican American culture gives you the facts & information you want to know.Mexico is a Latin American country. It has a complex culture reflecting the various phases in [...]

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