Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Ontario

For some, motorcycles are high speed thrill rides that give you an adrenaline rush. For others, it is a scary way to get hurt. No matter what your stance on motorcycles is, choosing the right insurance is important. According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, 1,200 motorcyclists were injured in 2008. Keeping yourself and your motorcycle safe and insured is essential. Keep reading to find out more on motorcycle insurance quotes in Ontario…

Riders Plus Insurance only gives online quotes to those who live in Ontario, are 25 years and older and have taken a rider’s safety course. If you do not meet these requirements the company encourages you to give them a call to get your quote. One example quotes is for a 2007 Ducati Multistrada 620 which costs $2,278 dollars per year to keep insured. You can also recalculate your quote after you adjust your deductible and liability limit. You can also call Riders Plus Insurance to get a more detailed quote over the phone if you are not comfortable with their online form.

Home for Chrome will happily give you a free and fast quote via their website. They have two physical locations: one in Burlington, Ontario and the other in Calgary, Alberta. If the online form does not work or you want more options you can call them directly. Home for Chrome offers annual policies, online payments and 24-hour emergency claims service.

Insurance Hotline offers another way to find a quick and easy motorcycle insurance quote online. For a 2008 Honda CBF1000 that is driven for pleasure in Toronto, the insurance premium is $1,112 per year. When the same information was input but the location was changed to Dryden, Ontario’s smallest city, the premium went down to $884 per year. The price of the premium will vary greatly depending on which city you live in.

When deciding on which motorcycle insurance to get, there are several options available to you. Understanding these options will take the stress off of buying insurance for your motorcycle. Liability means that your insurance will cover any damage to the bike, yourself or any other person injured as a result of your actions. If you frequently ride with another person it is a good idea to get a “Guest Passenger” liability on your motorcycle insurance. Comprehensive coverage will take care of anything that should happen to your bike outside of an accident like theft or vandalism.

Finding coverage for your motorcycle can be stressful. Talk to an insurance broker if you are having trouble deciding which coverage to choose. With various online insurance quote websites and 24 hour customer service, finding someone to help you find the right coverage for your motorcycle can be easy.

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