Afghan Blankets

Are you looking to add a little decoration to your home? An Afghan blanket is an easy way to add color to your room. Read our guide for more facts and information…

The Afghan blanket, also called a throw or shawl, is knitted or crocheted from different colors of yarn. Geometric patterns are very popular. It is a perfect project for beginner or seasoned knitters and crocheters, as you can make it as complicated and ornate as you like. The Afghan blanket is folded over chairs or sofas for decoration, and can add color to your rooms and furniture. They also come in handy for warmth on those cold nights.

Types of Afghan Blankets

There are three types of Afghan blankets that you can make. The first is the mile a minute Afghan in which you use a continuous stitch or pattern. Next there is the join as you go Afghan. This is the making of several different squares and connecting them as you go to make one blanket. The last is the motif Afghan. Again, you make several different squares with designs that you wish to include. These designs may not necessarily be the same. After finishing the desired motif squares, you simply join them together. The motif blanket is very popular, as you can change patterns with every square.

Uses of the Afghan Blanket

You can make the Afghan as large as you want it to be. Although it is usually used as a throw to add decoration, you may want to knit or crochet one large enough to be used as a cover for your bed for added decoration.

Afghans also make wonderful presents. You can get the yarn in craft stores in almost any type of material you want, be it wool, cotton or acrylic. The type of yarn also will vary in expense, so you can buy according to your budget. You can actually make six Afghan blankets for the cost of one ready made Afghan. Not only this, you will also get the joy and satisfaction of having made the blanket yourself.

If given as a present, a lovely Afghan blanket is sure to be appreciated by those who receive it. It may become a family treasure and will last as a reminder of you.Not only are they good for presents, if you become overly fascinated with making Afghan blankets, you may also try selling them at craft shows.


Patterns for Afghan blankets are available at your crafts store. You will also find them readily available on the internet. Many of these are free, and if not free they are very reasonable. Most of these patterns will also come with easy to follow instructions to make your creation a work of joy.

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