Piedades Costa Rica Real Estate

Buying real estate in Piedades Costa Rica? Want to know about property prices for houses and villas in Piedades? Our guide to Piedades real estate gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Costa Rica is fast becoming the destination of choice in which Americans are choosing to buy real estate and invest in property. Costa Rica has many selling points that make it an attractive place to buy real estate, either for investment purposes or simply for people wanting a new place to live. Costa Rica is a country of immense natural beauty with extensive shorelines on both the east and west coast of the country. Costa Rica has some of the best beaches in the world and in general real estate prices located near the major tourist seaside resort towns tend to be the most expensive.

However, as the real estate market in Costa Rica is becoming more saturated with foreign buyers looking to make money in the next big Central American property boom, some investors are looking to pastures new to find cheap real estate deals. Piedades de Santa Ana, or Piedades as it is commonly known, is one such location that is seeing an increase in interest from real estate investors. Located in the central Valley of Costa Rica, Piedades is somewhat off the beaten path and away from the popular beach resort location in Costa Rica.

Piedades Costa Rica Real Estate Investment

Although not especially popular as a tourist destination compared to the coastal regions of Costa Rica, the majority of the local population in Cost Rica live in the central valley area where most of them earn their living through agricultural activities. Much f the landscape of the central valley is taken up by large plantations of various crops including coffee beans and fruits. Property prices in Piedades and elsewhere in the Central Valley are cheaper than in the costal regions and you can expect a lot more for your money. Much real estate in this area comes in the form of a large country style house with accompanying land which can be used for farming purposes.

There is currently a good selection of property available on the real estate market in Piedades and buyers have the option of buying an already assembled house or purchasing some land and contracting out builders to build the perfect piece of real estate.  Costa Rica is one of the best countries in all of central and south America in which to do business and the law guarantees right of ownership to foreign nationals which should do much to put the real estate owners mind at rest. However, it is imperative that you seek out the help of a local legal professional to help you navigate your way through the various paperwork that needs to be done when purchasing real estate in Peidades Costa Rica.

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