Afghan Scarves

Afghan scarves are experiencing their greatest demand in history. They are being worn worldwide by men and women alike. Read our guide for more facts and information…

It is almost impossible to go into a household in America and not find at least one Afghan scarf. The reason for this is the growing popularity of the scarf not just to keep warm, but as a fashion statement. Many people have as many as a dozen of these scarves in all colors and designs. The recent episode of Saturday Night Live which had a skit called “I’m on a Boat” will create even greater demand, especially for the nautical themed pashmina Afghan.

Two Options

You basically have two options if you want an Afghan scarf. First, you can buy it retail at most clothing stores or order one on the internet. You can get a variety of wool, silk, pashmina or blends in the color and design of your choice. Prices vary greatly so be sure to shop around.

The second option is the less expensive, and can involve more fun than merely shopping. You can knit your own scarf. If you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran of knitting, it does not matter. Scarves are fairly easy to knit so the beginner can do it, and you can get as fancy as you want to be so the expert knitter can be entertained as well. Patterns for the scarves are available all over the internet at reasonable prices with some being free. You will also get to pick the type and price of yarn that you want, holding the cost down.

Not only can you make scarves for you and your family, you can make wonderful gifts for your friends. You can make six scarves for the price of one store bought scarf.

True Afghan Scarves

If you are still intent on taking the easy way out and purchasing you scarf retail, you will run up on scarves that are actually made in Afghan by women who support their families by making these scarves. They will be handmade and are of high quality.

There is even an organization called Afghan hands that teaches the women of Afghanistan how to make these scarves. They actually pay the women to go to classes in the morning, and pay them to make scarves in the afternoon. This way the women get an education and make money to get their families out of poverty at the same time. These scarves may be purchased on the internet. They are quite expensive, but the money all goes to the program for the education of the women. By buying one of these scarves, you can not only stay warm and make a fashion statement, but you can also do your part for humanity.

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