Romantic Vacations Mexico

Looking for a romantic vacation getaway in Mexico? Want to know where the best romantic vacation packages in Mexico can be found? Our guide tells you about perfect honeymoon places & resorts in Mexico.

Mexico is surprisingly popular as a romantic getaway destination for many couples from the US and all over the world. Firstly, with its proximity o the US just south of the border Mexico is ideal for those last minute surprise getaway vacations. Besides that, however, Mexico has a few special characteristics that make it a highly romantic vacation destination. There’s the warm weather conducive for heating up the blood and putting young lovers in a romantic mood. There are the beautiful golden sandy beaches and warm blue seas, perhaps the perfect place from which to ask that special someone that all important question. Then there are the wonderfully quaint traditional Mexican restaurants where you get those bands that come to your table and serenade your loved one. These are just a few of the thins that make Mexico a romantic vacation destination

Romantic Vacation Resorts in Mexico

Many people traveling to Mexico on holiday prefer to stay at resorts offering all inclusive package deals. The benefits of this are obvious. Firstly you can rest assured that you are not going to get stung with some hidden expenses or the food and drink is going to be so expensive you won’t be able to afford it. This allows you to concentrate on having a romantic vacation with your loved one without worrying about money. The amount of money you’ll save overall if you are planning on staying in Mexico for a couple of weeks can be quite substantial so it’s well worth looking into resorts offering all inclusive deals.

May of the top rated vacation resorts in Mexico are aware that hey receive many different types of guest. Some people come to Mexico on business trips, some people come on family vacations while many couples come for a romantic getaway. While these resorts aren’t specifically destination for romantic vacations, they will nevertheless be able to cater to your needs. They all have honeymoon suites, restaurants with a nice ambience and they are usually close enough to the beaches to walk to. Many of these hotels can even arrange wedding ceremonies in their halls and provide a priest to sanctify the occasion.

Romantic Vacation Cabins Mexico

If you are looking for something a little quieter and off the beaten track then you always have the choice of renting a beachfront cabin or cabana as they are called in Mexico. You can get a cabin in a nice quiet town like Guadalajara, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum or anywhere along the Costa Maya where you’ll be guaranteed a romantic vacation away from the heavy crowds.

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