Breckenridge Dog Boarding

Breckenridge dog boarding is a convenient facility to take care of your pets overnight with a comfortable place to sleep or even leave them during the day as you head to the slopes for your skiing or snowboarding activities. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Dog boarding services are important for pet owners, as they need a reliable place to leave their pets when they have to be away from them for various reasons. Experienced boarding service providers have trained staff who can take care of your dog, regardless of its temperament. These facilities have developed to a big extent in Breckenridge, which is flocked by tourists year after year, creating the necessity for a proper place to leave their pets during their trip.

Dog boarding services in Breckenridge

Dog boarding services provide the attention and care required by their customers’ pets depending on the situation they are accustomed to. They strive to meet the pets’ specific needs, so as to fit into their routine schedule. These services have the relevant certifications and First Aid knowledge to handle emergency situations. Established boarding services have their staff pass a background check and random drug screening. The dogs are kept under supervision round-the-clock and taken to fenced grounds for exercise and play. Besides, the staff takes them for walks every few hours.

Boarding kennels for long term services

When overnight boarding is required for an extended stay at Breckenridge, there are care-taking companies that provide boarding kennel facilities. Some provide in-home dog boarding services providing a soft sleeping area for the pet and render one-to-one care and attention. Though the facility is a perfect alternative to conventional kennels, boarding kennels are preferred for long term services. They pay attention to the dog’s personality and provide the right amount of exercise and socialization that it requires. The staff spends adequate time with the dog in well-supervised environment that has controlled temperature conditions, proper air circulation and clean surroundings.  They accommodate the dog in accordance to its habits, so that it can easily get used to the place.

Screening requirements

Boarding facilities usually require you to bring the dog for an initial visit to learn about its nature, so that it can become familiar with the staff members and the surroundings. They also require proof of vaccinations that are usually required to be faxed at the time of reservation. Vaccines that should be current, such a Bordatella vaccine,are administered at some boarding facilities while checking in. Some facilities provide special arrangements to take care of dogs that are not neutered.

Breckenridge dog boarding facilities provide overnight boarding, though most of them provide combined services including full-day dog care and half-day dog care. Many service providers also offer to drop and pick up the pet at the scheduled timings.

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