One Piece Afghan Patterns

Afghan one piece patterns an save a lot of time when crocheting. For more information on the benefits of using this pattern read our guide…

Afghans are large and for this reason the most popular patterns are usually worked in small squares or stripes which are joined together. This makes the work easier to handle and more portable for those who like to carry their crochet with them. The ripple stitch is a one piece afghan which is worked in long rows.

The ripple stitch has a zigzag appearance and may be worked in one color or in stripes. It begins with a foundation chain and the number of stitches is determined by the spacing of the zigzags. It is most often worked in multiples of ten and can be worked in either single or double crochet. Remember the chain should be in multiples of 10+1 for single crochet and 10+3 for double crochet.
It is nearly always worked as a one piece afghan pattern.

Work single crochet in the first 9, 3 single crochet in the next chain, single crochet in next 9 chain, skip two chain and repeat from the beginning across chain one and turn. For the second row, single crochet in the first ten single crochet, three single crochet center stitch of previous row’s increase, single crochet in next 9 single crochet, skip next two single crochet, single crochet in next 9 single crochet and continue from three single crochet in center stitch of increase from previous row.

Lap size afghans or infant blankets may be made in one piece afghan pattern using the afghan stitch which is also call Tunisian crochet. A special long hook with a stopper on the end is required for this stitch. A foundation chain of the desired width is made and the hook is inserted into the second chain, yarn over and draw up a loop. Insert hook into each chain across, yarn over draw a loop, keeping all the loops on the hook. At the end of the chain, yarn over draw through the first loop, yarn over draw through two loops, continue yarn over draw through two loops until  until all loops but one are dropped from hook.

The second row is worked by drawing up loops in the front loop of each stitch across and the second part of the row is the same, yarn over draw through first loop and then yarn over draw through two loops across. The afghan stitch creates a dense waffle pattern which is suitable for working cross stitch designs if desired.

For crocheters who prefer one piece afghans, these stitches make warm, pretty blankets. The afghan stitch may be worked in squares or strips and joined for larger afghans, but the ripple stitch is usually worked as a one piece afghan pattern.

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