There are many free instructions available for crochet graph and wave afghans patterns. For
Crochet poinsettia afghans make wonderful Christmas decorations or gifts. For more information on making
The Afghan pine tree has become very popular in the United States. It looks
The Afghan poppy is very beautiful and comes in many varieties. As such, you
If you are looking for an easy Afghan recipe, Bolani is a must to
For those of you that would like to knit a baby afghan, there is
Pashmina Afghans or indeed any other product made from pashmina have become very popular
Afghan weddings mix a little of the modern with a great deal of the
If you are in the construction and security businesses and looking for work, Afghanistan
Afghan models are very few and far between. The reason for this is the
Cooking in Afghanistan is serious business. Large amounts of food must be prepared everyday
No Afghan dinner is complete without a rice dishes. Some of these are surprisingly