Teacup Pomeranian Puppies

Pomeranian Puppies

You have probably seen the pictures of the adorable little Pomeranian puppy in a teacup. It is so cute that you have decided that you want one. For more facts and information on this, read our guide…

There is actually no such thing as a teacup Pomeranian, nor is there a miniature or a toy Pomeranian. The pictures you have seen are probably of a Pomeranian puppy that is still very young.

Average Pomeranian

The average Pomeranian puppy will grow to be between three and seven pounds. While still being very small, this is a long way from being two to five ounces at birth. The dogs in the teacups have probably reached five or six weeks old. The dog at adulthood will be between eight and eleven inches tall. In the Pomeranian breed, the bitches tend to be the bigger dogs, rather than the male as in other breeds.

They are cute little animals that can best be described as a ball of fur. They have two layers of fur; the outer coat is somewhat thick and wiry, with the inner coat being soft and smooth. They tend to be auburn, white, silver, brown or black in coloring.

Tiny Dogs

Even though these dogs are bigger than a teacup, they are still very small. As such, the puppies which come from one to three to a litter must have some extra care after birth. For the first week they must be kept warm at 95 degrees F. The temperature can be slowly lowered after this to reach 75 degrees F after three weeks.


Being tiny, these are house pets. They should live inside and be exercised daily. They are very loyal friendly and intelligent dogs, and make great companions. They are, due to their small size not suitable as pets for small children.

Buying a Pomeranian Puppy

First remember that there is only one size classification of Pomeranian. There is no teacup, miniature or toy.

You want to be sure that you are buying your dog from a reputable breeder. Any breeder that tells you he has teacups or any of the other size dogs mentioned above is not reputable. If you buy from a breeder that makes that claim, you run the risk of not getting a full blooded Pomeranian. The dog you purchase may be cute and look like a Pom pup at first, but may end up with a longer nose and ears that droop. Check the breeders’ reputation before buying your puppy.

Life Expectancy

The average life span for a Pomeranian is about twelve years. It is not unusual for them to live a couple of years longer, so you can look forward to years of enjoyment with your Pom.

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