V8 Supercars Australia

Interested in Australian V8 Supercars? Learn more about the V8 Supercars in Australia, the traveling car racing circuit…

The V8 Supercars Australia is headquartered in the Australian continent but run as an International racing series. It is hosted and incorporated under the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile or the FIA regulations. Not only is it exceptionally popular in Australia, the great V8 Supercars Australia car racing series has a very large fan following in New Zealand. Its popularity has grown tremendously across the world mainly because of the extensive media coverage on an international level.

International Circuit for V8 Supercars Australia

The events for the car racing of the V8Supercar series are hosted in all Australian states and the Northern Territory. In the international circuit the series is hosted in Bahrain and New Zealand. By 2010 Abu Dhabi the capital city of United Arab Emirates will also host the V8Supercars Australia rally. There have been more than 250,000 spectators recorded at individual events.

Track and Street Circuit, Format of the Event

For previous events there have been street circuits and racetracks specially constructed in the host country for the 14 race weekends organized for these car racing series events.

The different race format for the V8 supercar series includes 250 km races spread over the weekend in Adelaide and Sydney, endurance races like the one conducted at Bathhurst as well as Sprint races. The Sprint race has two track options, which are a 100 km or 200 km race organized on Saturday while the Sunday race is a single 200 km race. The Bathurst event is a 1000-kilometer race circuit, while the one at Phillip Island is a little over 500 km.

V8 Supercars Australia

The race cars used at the V8 Supercars Australia are the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore with a great degree of modifications to make them suitable for application to motor sport and track racing. These tricked out and souped-up vehicles are super fast and very intensely durable due to the requirement of the track racing circuit.

There are 29 drivers separated simply by a single second primary because of the well-maintained cars, which are of high-quality for every driver. Both these vehicles are passenger cars used in Australia and the rivalry is unmatched, making them perfect for competing head-on at the car-racing track. There are other cars like the BMW and Nissan along with a C. class car, which was a 2.0 L car but soon enough the 2.0 L cars had their own series known as the Super Touring Cars. The main aim of the regulations is to ensure that the cost of the vehicle for racing is reasonable while keeping them fast and furious. Interestingly enough with the blueprint project launched both the vehicles have become a close in terms of specification to keep them at par with each other and compete on an even platform.

Creating V8 Supercars Australia Bodyshell

The V8 Supercars follow the basic production of commercial vehicle and today each vehicle participating as a V8 Supercar is crafted by following the present-day specification of the FG Falcon.

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