Algeria Cost of Living Expenses

Cost of living expenses are important when accepting a job or looking for a place to retire. The cost of living expenses in Algeria could be better, but they could be much worse. For more facts and information read our guide…

Algiers, the capital has a cost of living index that places it 173 out of 276 places to live as far as living expenses go. It is roughly in the middle of that group.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Costs for alcohol and tobacco puts Algeria at 130 out of the 276 places. This includes prices at the bar and imported as well as locally produced items.


Money can really be saved on clothing. Algeria ranks 254 out of 276 in the costs of clothing.


Cellular phones, internet fees and other communication fees are fairly cheap in Algiers. It ranks 253 out of the 276 places to live in this area.


For education fees such as elementary, high school and college fees, you can expect to pay a bit more than the median average. Algeria ranks 110 in this area.

Furniture and Appliances

This includes pretty much everything for your household. Furniture, refrigerators, TVs, DVD players and vacuums and other small appliances are included. Algiers ranks 177 in this area.


This includes the edible and potable products other than alcohol, along with cleaning materials. This area includes things consumed at home. Algeria ranks number 217 out of 276 in this designation.


This is a high expense area for Algiers. This includes medical insurance costs, doctor fees, cost of a hospital room and prescription and non-prescription drugs. Algeria ranks 17 in this category.

Household Costs

Housing, utilities and residential taxes are included in this topic. Algiers is number 117 in this combined area.


This subdivision refers to the costs of stationary, household help, stamps and office supplies. In this category Algiers ranks 269, so it is relatively inexpensive. Also included is the cost of newspapers and magazines.

Personal Care

In personal care products, Algeria comes in at number 4 in the group surveyed as one of the most expensive. This includes things like shampoo, skin lotion, soap and toilet paper.

Recreation and Culture

Algiers is just about in the precise middle as far as recreation and culture expenses go. This includes CDs, DVDs, books, theater tickets and sporting activities. Algiers’ rank is 163.

Meals Out, Hotel

This is a relatively inexpensive category. Algiers ranks 208 in this area. This does not include fast food restaurants.


This heading includes public transportation costs, vehicle costs, fuel costs and vehicle maintenance along with rentals/leases. Algiers is 208 in this category. Overall, you are looking at a place to live that will put you in the middle of the most expensive places in the world. Add to this the fact that Algeria is a 30 in the area of hardship assignments. To live there or not, it’s your call.

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