History Of Compton California

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Compton, California history can be traced all the way back to the late seventeenth century. Before this point the area that would become Compton, California was only inhabited by the Native American tribes and wildlife in the area. In the year 1784 more than seventy five thousand acres of land in this area were deeded from the Spanish Crown. The deed named Juan Jose Dominguez as the owner of this land tract. Dominguez named the property Rancho San Pedro, and eventually the area to the south of Compton became known as the Dominguez Hills.

The 1800s and 1900s

It was not until the year 1867 in history that Compton, California received this name. This was the year that a number of settlers came to the area, led by a man named Griffith D. Compton. He was a minister and spiritual counselor who also eventually founded a college. The group was looking for a very mild climate, which they found in this area of California. It was not until May 11, 1888 that the city was incorporated, and then the name of Compton was chosen for the city to honor the man who had made it possible. At first the city grew slowly, and it was still relatively small at the end of the eighteenth century. It was not until the middle of the nineteen hundreds that the city really started to expand.

The Riot In 1992

After the past history of Compton, California, the growth and population explosion in the area really had a big effect. The city is an inner suburb of L.A., and as such has become the home to crime and gangs in recent history. During the year 1992 residents of Compton and surrounding areas in Los Angeles exploded into violence over the Rodney King excessive force verdict, with one of the worst riots ever. The rioting lasted three days and required the National Guard to control. More than one billion dollars in property damage was done in the entire Los Angeles area, and more than fifty people were killed.

Compton Today

Compton, California today boasts many more residents than it had through any other time in history. Around one hundred thousand people call this area of L.A. home, and a large percentage of these are now Latino. The majority of residents here are considered middle income now, which was not true twenty years ago, and many improvements have been made in recent years during urban renewal projects. Programs aimed at gang members and crime reduction have greatly reduce the crime rate in the area, bringing in more home buyers as well.

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