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Rocco Luigi Buono upon returning from the United States established the first store for Bvono Italy in the year 1926. The flagship store for this brand was set up in Matera in Via S. Biagio. The proprietor had spent some time working at different tanneries in the United States of America. He gained a rich experience while making good money at these facilities. He utilized his experience to establish a store which focused on crafting exclusive men’s wear as well as accessories.

Bvono Italy in its Prime

Due to the beautiful product range of high quality leather goods that the store offered, it gained in popularity. In fact there was a massive increase in the infrastructure and size of the manufacturing facility along with the product range. From 1926 onward, all the way up to the World War II, the clientele increased steadily.

However, the impact of the World War II on this high class leather goods brand could not be sustained by the manufacturing unit and it took a deep hit. However, the dedication of the owner and his family was fierce enough to rebuild the store and restore it to its previous prime.

Bvono Italy Under the Second Generation of Buono’s

In the year 1950, the owner and founder of the brand of Bvono Italy passed away and the helm of the business was handed over to Eustachio Buono who was the son of the founder. Building on the fierce passion of the founding father of the brand, this small manufacturing unit was transferred into a leading fashion store in Italy.

The manufacturing headquarters were shifted to Corso Umberto I while the original outlet was transformed into a popular and famed emporium that housed the finest menswear collection in all of Italy.

The main years of growth for the brand of  Bvono Italy fell in the 70s decade. The wife of Eustachio Buono called Maria Pia Isonzo spurred this growth by joining the company and has been credited to establish the range for women’s wear.

By the year 1988, a new store Gatsby was established. It housed exclusive items from both the men’s and women’s wear range. The concept store was actually one of the first of its time and started a fashion trend for future brand names and showcased beautiful avant-garde fashion items at these premises. By this time there were three generations of the founding family which were involved in creating this concept store and taking it to new heights in the fashion world.

Bvono Italy under the Third Generation of Buono’s

With Paolo Buono and Rocco Buono, the grandsons of the founding Buono joining the company, they could actually manage two separate divisions and assist in the growth of the Bvono Italy brand. Paolo Buono took over the range titled Buono Classic, which focused on classic fashion and moved the Emporium and concept store to its present location that is in Via del Corso 60.

Conversely Rocco Buono started running Gatsby, the first concept store and its subsequent spin-offs, which included the store and brand for Camicieria, along with a men’s shirt factory as well as a complete range of women and men’s apparel. The evolution and growth of this brand continues till today with contemporary and avant garde fashion, both being catered to exclusively by one member of the family who heads each division independently.


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